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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Andre is a resident of Hope University. He runs Tailored Fashions, where he sells patterns and materials.

Site Description

Andre is a tailor who runs Tailored Fashions, Hope’s clothing shop. He’s an introvert on the shy side, kept on his toes by his impulsive and energetic Kith, Fray. If it weren’t for Fray and his newfound friendship with Kei, he might never have sought out friends aside from Miranda and Robin. Though he and Miranda spend lots of time together now that she's back from her travels, Andre still regularly visits Robin’s garden for tea when he needs some peace and quiet.


Andre is a shy and gentle person, who prefers to spend his time alone or with quiet company.


Andre has one Kith - an Impulsive Lumence named Fray. Andre originally didn't want to ally with Fray due to his Impulsive nature, but after the events of the A Frayed Alliance event, Andre decided to try and teach Fray to channel his energy into less destructive activities.



Andre and Miranda are best friends, and often hang out in silence together.

Shop Dialogue


  • Careful hands make careful work. Don’t worry about going too fast, or you’ll make unnecessary mistakes. Speed comes with practice.
  • Oh, sorry, don’t mind me. Sometimes I talk to myself when I’m working through a problem on a design.
  • Sometimes I wonder if my Kith, Fray, is really adventurous with color or if he’s just.. colorblind...
  • Um... hi. I mean, welcome to my tailoring shop.
  • Why are Kith so messy in shops? It’s simple courtesy to put back anything you don’t want. Please tell your Kith, too.


  • Blech, coffee. How does anyone drink the stuff? I’d rather sleep in and keep my taste buds. Goodness help me if Fray gets hold of the stuff.
  • I wish this design would come together already... getting stuck halfway through is so frustrating. Maybe Fray will have an idea.
  • Oh, (USERNAME), I like your outfit. It suits you well.
  • Oops, I got distracted by work again. What can I do for you, (USERNAME)?


  • Heh. Robin called this dress ‘a lemon salad’ and proceeded to color it like this. Then she decided she wanted one.
  • Hi, (USERNAME). Have you seen Fray’s latest, um, “designs”? I’d love to hear your opinion, if you have any constructive criticism for me. Please be nice, he’s just starting out.
  • I always keep a sketchbook on hand in case I get ideas while I’m out and about.
  • Some of Piper’s games use my artwork. It’s pretty neat to see my art being used in such a unique way.
  • Welcome back, (USERNAME). Are you looking for anything in particular?


  • I like my women like I like my coffee.
  • I should probably take a break sometime… When are you free?
  • Kith can be so inspiring. I think they’re really helping the community become a more creative place. I mean, look how much I’ve changed from my Alliance with Fray already!
  • Uh, wanna... do an.. activity together?
  • You’re so... how do I put this? Aesthetically pleasing? Sorry, that sounds weird, doesn’t it?


Portrait History


  • Andre drew all the art assets for Piper's Arcade games.

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