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Andre Neutral.png

Andre is the owner of Tailored Fashions. He has a gentle personality, liking natural, quiet, and peaceful items.

He tends to avoid Kei as all the shouting makes him uncomfortable.[1] Miranda is his best friend and they often hang out in silence together.[2] All of the Arcade art assets actually come from him; Piper designs the games and he draws the final assets.

On March 1st, 2017, [3] Andre became allied to the lumence Fray.



Story Involvement



  • Oh, sorry, don’t mind me. Sometimes I talk to myself when I’m working through a problem on a design.
  • Why are Kith so messy in shops? It’s simple courtesy to put back anything you don’t want. Please tell your Kith, too.
  • Is this really the right color? I… have my doubts.
  • Um… hi. I mean, welcome to my tailoring shop.
  • Careful hands make careful work. Don’t worry about going too fast, or you’ll make unnecessary mistakes. Speed comes with practice.
  • Sometimes I wonder if my Kith, Fray, is really adventurous with color or if he’s just.. colorblind…


  • Oh, hi again, (username).
  • I wish this design would come together already… getting stuck halfway through is so frustrating.
  • Blech, coffee. How does anyone drink the stuff? I’d rather sleep in and keep my taste buds.
  • Oh, (username), I like your outfit. It suits you well.
  • Oops, I got distracted by work again. What can I do for you, (username)?


  • Heh. Robin called this dress ‘a lemon salad’ and proceeded to color it like this. Then she decided she wanted one.
  • Welcome back, (username). Are you looking for anything in particular?
  • I always keep a sketchbook on hand in case I get ideas while I’m out and about.
  • Some of Piper’s games use my artwork. It’s pretty neat to see my art being used in such a unique way.
  • Hi, (username). Have you seen my latest designs? I’d love to hear your opinion, if you have any constructive criticism for me.
  • Hi, (username). Have you seen Fray’s latest, um, “designs”? I’d love to hear your opinion, if you have any constructive criticism for me. Please be nice, he’s just starting out.


  • I like my women like I like my coffee.
  • Uh, wanna… do an.. activity together?
  • I should probably take a break sometime… When are you free?
  • You’re so… how do I put this? Aesthetically pleasing? Sorry, that sounds weird, doesn’t it?
  • Kith can be so inspiring. I think they’re really helping the community become a more creative place.
    • (After Fray's implementation) I mean, look how much I’ve changed from my Alliance with Fray already!