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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Beebot is a pollenbot from the Cosmic Solarium. She works in the Terrace Hive.

Site Description

B3380T.v3-77, who has chosen the nickname Beebot, is a cheerful and hard-working pollenbot who works in the Terrace Hive. She is devoted both to her extremely demanding job and to Marisol, the queen of her heart. Though she’s usually darting around with her many assignments, she’ll happily make time for the people that she cares about.



Shop Dialogue


  • All of us pollenbots have got to zzip around fast to reach the whole sector before the lights dim!!
  • Did lots of seeds survive the Ultranova where you live??
  • Extra fertilizer in Sector K7 - the seedlings in the fourth quadrant dry zzone need 8% more water - don’t forget to reset the sprinkler drones - oh mee oh my!!
  • Have you talked to Marisol?? Don’t take it personally if she seems sad, today’s just a tough day for her!!
  • So much to do!! It might bee okay if I take a quick break, just take a short rest to recalibrate, don’t you think??


  • It doesn’t matter if Marisol gets sad sometimes!! She’ll always bee the queen of my heart <3 <3
  • I’ve got to bee very efficient today!! Our whole hive was issued a new set of assignments, and I’m bzz-bzz-busy!!
  • The Insectors are so helpful in the garden!! It was so smart of Marisol to trust them and teach them <3 <3
  • The other pollenbots aren’t as talkative as I am, hee-hee <3 <3 But Marisol always makes the time to listen!!
  • (USERNAME)!! What are the flowers like in the Remnant that you’re from??


  • My friend Xenia is so unbeelievably creative, despite the constraints of her programming!! I admire how inventive she is!!
  • No time to rest my wings - so many things to do today!! But last night, Marisol surprised mee with the prettiest present <3 <3 She always knows how to cheer mee up when I get too bzz-busy!
  • (USERNAME) <3 <3 Have you had a chance to try all of the foods we grow here?? Marisol figured out how to work with the Insectors, so she grows samples that none of the other Botanists can manage!!
  • (USERNAME)!! Huzzzah!! Let mee take some time to zzigzzag around the garden and find all the things you need!! No matter how bzz-busy I may bee, there's always time to help out a fellow worker!!
  • (USERNAME)!! There’s a robot in the Core who’s trying to reunite with their own hive of AI chips - have you met them?? I beelieve that with help from their friends, they’ll bee able to do it!!


  • Helping all these people, traveling to all these Remnants!! Oh me oh my, (USERNAME) you’re bzz-bzz-busy as a pollenbot yourself!!
  • Hip hip huzzzah!! Marisol convinced the lead Botanist to adjust the hives’ schedules so that things would bee simpler for the pollenbots!! She said they made us work too hard, which makes us break faster, and that more hives should bee built!! (USERNAME), now I have more free time to spend on my friends when you and Xenia come to visit <3 <3
  • If there’s someone you love, (USERNAME), bee sure to tell them every day!! Cherish the people around you!!
  • Marisol was the first human who ever treated me like an individual, even when I just felt like one more nameless pollenbot in the hive. My sunny Sol cares so much about others, even when she’s feeling sad... That’s one of the things that I love most about her <3 <3
  • (USERNAME)!! Look at this flower I found for Marisol while I was zzipping about!! Do you think she’ll like it?? It’s almost as beautiful as she is <3 <3


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