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Story Involvement



  • I'm Bonnie. If ya need something to eat, just gimme a shout.
  • Huh. Storm cleared up? Must have, if yer here. But how? Unless this is some new merfolk trick, puttin' on legs…
  • What, ya never seen a woman with a peg leg before? I'll let ya in on a secret then: I use it to shove pots onto the heads of folks who stare at me. So mind yer eyeballs, and we'll be just fine.
  • Well I'll be. Never thought I'd see other folk like us down here. Where'd ya come from? Did ya get here by ship?
  • Don't mind the crew, they're just rowdy after spending so long cooped up. They'll leave ya be.


  • Y'know, almost everyone asks about my leg sooner or later. So I'll tell ya. Papercut. Mmhm, honest truth.
  • Watch the mess there, sorry. I'm in the middle of some things. But I've got time for you if ya need something, don't ya worry.
  • I hope Tethys isn't giving ya too hard a time. We... don't quite see eye to eye the way we used to.
  • Good to see ya again, (username). Could use some fresh blood down here.
  • Don't mind Marcus. He LOOKS big and tough, but he's really a giant softie.


  • Ya want the real story of what happened to my leg? All right, all right. It was bit clean off me. By a piranha the size of Shay! Har har har! Oh hon', the look on yer face…
  • Got anything interesting yer cookin' up? If ya need any ideas, trust me, I'm full of 'em. Not all of them are good, but I've got 'em anyway!
  • Listen hon', ya need anything, just let me know. I've always got time for you. It's the least I can do.
  • Hey! Good to see ya. Weather treat ya okay? Not too much wind, I hope? We've certainly had enough of that for a lifetime.


  • My leg? Oh trust me hon', the real story ain't nearly as interesting as the others. What if I told ya it was a freak accident with a big ol' cookin' knife? No?
  • (username)! My favorite customer. Come on in, I've got something simmering I just know you'll love.
  • What can I get ya today, hon'? No no, let me guess... mmmm... fishbone and berry soup? Crab-and-bacon tartar? Am I close, at least?
  • Come on, (username)! What's the scoop?
  • With yer imported ingredients and my creativity, we could take over the world! Well. The culinary world, anyway. Whatta ya say?