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Bridge Archives BG.png
The information found in the Commander’s personal Archives is completely classified… But maybe he’ll share some books with you when the Bridge Crew’s not looking.

Bridge Archives is a store in the Cosmic Solarium run by Kyprian. The store sells holographic Books.


Image Name Base Price Rarity
100 Useful Skills.png 100 Useful Skills 500 Shard.png Common
1985.png 1985 500 Shard.png Common
A Fold in Space.png A Fold in Space 1500 Shard.png Rare
Alas, Akkadia.png Alas, Akkadia 500 Shard.png Common
Blue Jupiter.png Blue Jupiter 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Brave New Star.png Brave New Star 500 Shard.png Common
Build A Friend.png Build A Friend 500 Shard.png Common
Calling of Gravity.png Calling of Gravity 500 Shard.png Common
Celsius 233.png Celsius 233 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Clash of the Cosmos.png Clash of the Cosmos 1500 Shard.png Rare
Creating AI.png Creating AI 1500 Shard.png Rare
Cyborg VS Android.png Cyborg VS Android 500 Shard.png Common
Defying Gravity.png Defying Gravity 500 Shard.png Common
Electronic Music.png Electronic Music 1500 Shard.png Rare
From Seed to Sprout.png From Seed to Sprout 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Genetically Improved Diet.png Genetically Improved Diet 1500 Shard.png Rare
Harness the Power of the Sun.png Harness the Power of the Sun 500 Shard.png Common
Helios.png Helios 500 Shard.png Common
How Can You Improve Society.png How Can You Improve Society 500 Shard.png Common
Journey to the Outside of the Earth.png Journey to the Outside of the Earth 500 Shard.png Common
Liberty.png Liberty 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Loop Around the Star.png Loop Around the Star 500 Shard.png Common
Mind Over Matter.png Mind Over Matter 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
No Excuses! The Power of Self.png No Excuses! The Power of Self 500 Shard.png Common
Perfect Pitch.png Perfect Pitch 500 Shard.png Common
Renewable Energy.png Renewable Energy 500 Shard.png Common
Starship Warriors.png Starship Warriors 500 Shard.png Common
Starter's Game.png Starter's Game 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The 3 Laws of Robotics.png The 3 Laws of Robotics 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The Big Book of Talent.png The Big Book of Talent 500 Shard.png Common
The Home Garden.png The Home Garden 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The Illustrated Woman.png The Illustrated Woman 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The Moon Bunny.png The Moon Bunny 1500 Shard.png Rare
The Network Connection.png The Network Connection 500 Shard.png Common
The Pilgrim's Guide to the Universe.png The Pilgrim's Guide to the Universe 1600 Shard.png Rare
The Use of Solar Glasses.png The Use of Solar Glasses 1000 Shard.png Uncommon

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