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Black Dye.png
Type Item|Misc
Rarity Common
Price 81 - 120 Shard.png
Obtained Tailored Fashions
Forest Fittings
Dye Kit
The Art Of The Game
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
A Hairy Situation
Lycus' Black Thumb
The Missing Gift
There Are No Stupid Questions


Every now and then you actually want to stain something a new color. Read the label first though, or you might stain YOURSELF instead!


Black Dye.png
Black Dye
Brown Dye.png
Brown Dye
Dark Blue Dye.png
Dark Blue Dye
Dark Green Dye.png
Dark Green Dye
Light Blue Dye.png
Light Blue Dye
Light Green Dye.png
Light Green Dye
Orange Dye.png
Orange Dye
Pink Dye.png
Pink Dye
Purple Dye.png
Purple Dye
Red Dye.png
Red Dye
White Dye.png
White Dye
Yellow Dye.png
Yellow Dye

Used In

This item may be required in the following quests:

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