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Confectionery BG.jpg
Uh oh, my shop name was too long... Hey! Wait! You lick it, you buy it! No free samples!

Confectionery (full name Confectionery Concessions) is a shop in the Shadow Stage, run by The Witch. It was first opened on October 13, 2017, in October Event: Witch Hunt.


Image Name Average Price Rarity
A Fat Frog.png A Fat Frog 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Artichoke.png Artichoke 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Beets.png Beets 500 Shard.png Common
Blackbird.png Blackbird 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Bleeding Heart Berries.png Bleeding Heart Berries 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Bread Crusts.png Bread Crusts 500 Shard.png Common
Candy Corn.png Candy Corn 900 Shard.png Common
Caramel Cubes.png Caramel Cubes 500 Shard.png Common
Corn Starch.png Corn Starch 500 Shard.png Common
Deadly Nightshade.png Deadly Nightshade 500 Shard.png Common
Fresh Frog's Breath.png Fresh Frog's Breath 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Gummy Worms.png Gummy Worms 500 Shard.png Common
Mystery Meat.png Mystery Meat 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Mystery Snack.png Mystery Snack 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Pretzel Sticks.png Pretzel Sticks 500 Shard.png Common
Snails.png Snails 500 Shard.png Common
Toadstool.png Toadstool 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Tongue of Dog.png Tongue of Dog 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Wing of Bat.png Wing of Bat 500 Shard.png Common
Black Cherries.png Black Cherries 500 Shard.png Common
Bottled Fog.png Bottled Fog 500 Shard.png Common
Boxy.png Boxy 500 Shard.png Common
Bubble Balls.png Bubble Balls 500 Shard.png Common
Bye Bye Zebra.png Bye Bye Zebra 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Candy Corn Flakes.png Candy Corn Flakes 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Corn Syrup.png Corn Syrup 500 Shard.png Common
Die-Chew.png Die-Chew 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Fallen Star Crystals.png Fallen Star Crystals 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Ghost Jellies.png Ghost Jellies 500 Shard.png Common
Moon Cheese.png Moon Cheese 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Mummy Munch.png Mummy Munch 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Out-Of-The-Boxy.png Out-Of-The-Boxy 500 Shard.png Common
Snips.png Snips 500 Shard.png Common
Solar Snacks.png Solar Snacks 500 Shard.png Common
Sour Milk.png Sour Milk 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Spider Sprinkles.png Spider Sprinkles 500 Shard.png Common
Stinky Cheese.png Stinky Cheese 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Sugar and Spice Drops.png Sugar and Spice Drops 500 Shard.png Common
Tricks!.png Tricks! 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Unbelievable Butter.png Unbelievable Butter 500 Shard.png Common
Yawn Yawn.png Yawn Yawn 500 Shard.png Common

Kitchen Items

Image Name Average Price Rarity
Broken Shield.png Broken Shield 4,000 Shard.png Common
Frozen in Time.png Frozen in Time 15,000 Shard.png Rare
Headless Helper.png Headless Helper 5,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Insatiable Pot.png Insatiable Pot 1,000 Shard.png Common
Meat Cleaver.png Meat Cleaver 2,000 Shard.png Common
Mummy's Tomb.png Mummy's Tomb 10,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Portal of Deboning.png Portal of Deboning 6,000 Shard.png Common
Potion Book.png Potion Book 7,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Sands of Time.png Sands of Time 11,100 Shard.png Rare
Stake Stack.png Stake Stack 500 Shard.png Common
Tesla Coil.png Tesla Coil 13,000 Shard.png Rare
Vessels of Sugarmancy.png Vessels of Sugarmancy 9,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Wicker Cages.png Wicker Cages 3,000 Shard.png Common
Witch's Cauldron.png Witch's Cauldron 6,700 Shard.png Common
Witch's Oven.png Witch's Oven 8,000 Shard.png Uncommon


Image Name Average Price Rarity
Baked Blackbird Recipe.png Baked Blackbird 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Bat Burger Recipe.png Bat Burger 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Bat Wraps Recipe.png Bat Wraps 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Batty Pumpkin Buns Recipe.png Batty Pumpkin Buns 500 Shard.png Common
50px BBQ Bat Wings 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Beet Candy Corn Recipe.png Beet Candy Corn 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Beet Chips Recipe.png Beet Chips 500 Shard.png Common
Beet n Batwing Salad Recipe.png Beet n Batwing Salad 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Beet Stew 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Bewitched Eggs 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Bitter Gummy Worms Recipe.png Bitter Gummy Worms 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Black Cherry Widow Sundae Recipe.png Black Cherry Widow Sundae 500 Shard.png Common
50px Blackbird Barley Soup 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Blackbird Kabob Recipe.png Blackbird Kabob 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Blackbird Pie Recipe.png Blackbird Pie 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Bleeding Berry Blast Sundae Recipe.png Bleeding Berry Blast Sundae 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Bleeding Heart Bubble Brew Recipe.png Bleeding Heart Bubble Brew 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Bleeding Heart Cake 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Blood Box 500 Shard.png Common
50px Bone Broth 500 Shard.png Common
Boonana Bonanza Sundae Recipe.png Boonana Bonanza Sundae 500 Shard.png Common
Candied Bubble Brew Recipe.png Candied Bubble Brew 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Candied Corn Recipe.png Candied Corn 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Candy Apple Recipe.png Candy Apple 500 Shard.png Common
Candy Corn Recipe.png Candy Corn 500 Shard.png Common
Candy Corn Bubble Brew Recipe.png Candy Corn Bubble Brew 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Candy Wax Lips Recipe.png Candy Wax Lips 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Caramel Apple Recipe.png Caramel Apple 500 Shard.png Common
Caramel Candy Corn Recipe.png Caramel Candy Corn 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Caramel Frog Recipe.png Caramel Frog 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Celery Stalker Recipe.png Celery Stalker 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Chewy Pumpkin Buns Recipe.png Chewy Pumpkin Buns 500 Shard.png Common
Children of the Corn Recipe.png Children of the Corn 500 Shard.png Common
Chocolate Frog Recipe.png Chocolate Frog 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Chocolate Stained Glass Cookies Recipe.png Chocolate Stained Glass Cookies 500 Shard.png Common
Corn Starch Recipe.png Corn Starch 500 Shard.png Common
Corn Syrup Recipe.png Corn Syrup 500 Shard.png Common
Corny Bubble Brew Recipe.png Corny Bubble Brew 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Crusty Bread Pudding 500 Shard.png Common
50px Death by Chocolate 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Deluxe Candy Apple Recipe.png Deluxe Candy Apple 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Deluxe Caramel Apple Recipe.png Deluxe Caramel Apple 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Deviled Eggs 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Eclipsed Solar Snacks Recipe.png Eclipsed Solar Snacks 500 Shard.png Common
Ectoplasm Bubble Brew Recipe.png Ectoplasm Bubble Brew 500 Shard.png Common
Ectoplasmic Pumpkin Buns Recipe.png Ectoplasmic Pumpkin Buns 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Escargot 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Essence of Candy Corn 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Essence of the Rainbow 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Eye-Cicle Recipe.png Eye-Cicle 500 Shard.png Common
Fairy Bread Recipe.png Fairy Bread 500 Shard.png Common
Finger Sandwich Recipe.png Finger Sandwich 500 Shard.png Common
50px Fried Bat Wings 500 Shard.png Common
50px Fried Frogs 500 Shard.png Common
50px Fried Skewers 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Frog Kabob Recipe.png Frog Kabob 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Gingerbread Brats Recipe.png Gingerbread Brats 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Glass of the Red Recipe.png Glass of the Red 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Graveglow Bubble Brew Recipe.png Graveglow Bubble Brew 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Graveglow Torches Recipe.png Graveglow Torches 500 Shard.png Common
Graveyard Crunch Sundae Recipe.png Graveyard Crunch Sundae 500 Shard.png Common
Heart n Choke Salad Recipe.png Heart n Choke Salad 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Ink Drink Recipe.png Ink Drink 500 Shard.png Common
50px Ink Soup 500 Shard.png Common
50px Love Potion 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Loveless Potion 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Meringue Bones Recipe.png Meringue Bones 500 Shard.png Common
Midnight Chocolate Sundae Recipe.png Midnight Chocolate Sundae 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Mint Chocolate Chills Sundae Recipe.png Mint Chocolate Chills Sundae 500 Shard.png Common
Moonlight Bubble Brew Recipe.png Moonlight Bubble Brew 500 Shard.png Common
Mystery Meatballs Recipe.png Mystery Meatballs 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Mystery Meatloaf Recipe.png Mystery Meatloaf 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Mystery Stew 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Nightshade Bubble Brew Recipe.png Nightshade Bubble Brew 500 Shard.png Common
Orange Bun Bun Recipe.png Orange Bun Bun 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Orange Mummy Bun Recipe.png Orange Mummy Bun 500 Shard.png Common
Pink Bun Bun Recipe.png Pink Bun Bun 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Pink Mummy Bun Recipe.png Pink Mummy Bun 500 Shard.png Common
Plain Bun Bun Recipe.png Plain Bun Bun 500 Shard.png Common
Plain Mummy Bun Recipe.png Plain Mummy Bun 500 Shard.png Common
50px Plasma Punch 500 Shard.png Common
50px Poison Apple 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Poison Apple Pie 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Potion of Writer's Block 500 Shard.png Common
Pretty Pumpkin Buns Recipe.png Pretty Pumpkin Buns 500 Shard.png Common
Pretzel Torches Recipe.png Pretzel Torches 500 Shard.png Common
Pumpkin Brittle Recipe.png Pumpkin Brittle 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Pumpkin Cheesecake 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Pumpkin Latte 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Pumpkin Milk Recipe.png Pumpkin Milk 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Pumpkin Pasties Recipe.png Pumpkin Pasties 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Pumpkin Patch Sundae Recipe.png Pumpkin Patch Sundae 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Purple Bun Bun Recipe.png Purple Bun Bun 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Purple Mummy Bun Recipe.png Purple Mummy Bun 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Red Deathcap Recipe.png Red Deathcap 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Roasted Beet Pasta 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Roasted Corn Recipe.png Roasted Corn 500 Shard.png Common
Roasted Frog Legs Recipe.png Roasted Frog Legs 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Roasted Garlic Recipe.png Roasted Garlic 500 Shard.png Common
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe.png Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Sin-A-Bun Recipe.png Sin-A-Bun 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Sleeping Tonic 500 Shard.png Common
Snail Dumplings Recipe.png Snail Dumplings 500 Shard.png Common
Snail-Wich Recipe.png Snail-Wich 500 Shard.png Common
Snips and Snails Salad Recipe.png Snips and Snails Salad 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Sour Gummy Worms Recipe.png Sour Gummy Worms 500 Shard.png Common
50px Spider Spun Rat Nest 500 Shard.png Common
Spiteful Gummy Worms Recipe.png Spiteful Gummy Worms 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Spooky Meringues Recipe.png Spooky Meringues 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Stained Glass Cookies Recipe.png Stained Glass Cookies 500 Shard.png Common
Staked Steak Recipe.png Staked Steak 1,500 Shard.png Rare
50px Stewed Cabbage 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Stinky Cheesecake 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Sugar and Spice Bubble Brew Recipe.png Sugar and Spice Bubble Brew 500 Shard.png Common
Swamp Sandwich Recipe.png Swamp Sandwich 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Swamp Soup 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Swamp Swirl Sundae Recipe.png Swamp Swirl Sundae 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Toady in a Hole Recipe.png Toady in a Hole 500 Shard.png Common
Tongue Sandwich Recipe.png Tongue Sandwich 500 Shard.png Common
50px Tongue Twisters 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Un-Gummy Worms Recipe.png Un-Gummy Worms 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Vampire Gums Recipe.png Vampire Gums 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
50px Wax lips 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
White Chocolate Frog Recipe.png White Chocolate Frog 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
White Deathcap Recipe.png White Deathcap 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Witch Finger Dippers Recipe.png Witch Finger Dippers 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Witch-Wich Recipe.png Witch-Wich 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Witch's Broom Recipe.png Witch's Broom 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Witch's Potion Recipe.png Witch's Potion 600 Shard.png Common
Witchy Bubble Brew Recipe.png Witchy Bubble Brew 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Witchy Kitty Bun Recipe.png Witchy Kitty Bun 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Witchy Panther Bun Recipe.png Witchy Panther Bun 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Witchy Poo Stew Recipe.png Witchy Poo Stew 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Witchy Puma Bun Recipe.png Witchy Puma Bun 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Witchy Tiger Bun Recipe.png Witchy Tiger Bun 1,000 Shard.png Uncommon
Wolfwood Sandwich Recipe.png Wolfwood Sandwich 1,500 Shard.png Rare
Worm Dumplings Recipe.png Worm Dumplings 500 Shard.png Common

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