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Cooking is a crafting feature where players can use Recipes to cook various dishes with their Kith.

Dormitory Kitchen


Players must buy various kitchen tools in order to cook dishes. Tools can be found in the General Store and once they have been equipped they cannot be removed from the kitchen. Once a tool has been used in a recipe, there is a cooldown time where that tool is being cleaned. Each tool has a different cooldown time but a player can bypass this cooldown time by equipping a new tool, though this discards the old tool.

Image Name Clean Time
Baking Dish.png Baking Dish 5 Minutes
Blender.png Blender 15 Minutes
Cake Pan.png Cake Pan 5 Minutes
Deep Fryer.png Deep Fryer 50 Minutes
Freezer.png Freezer 50 Minutes
Grain Mill.png Grain Mill 25 Minutes
Griddle.png Griddle 40 Minutes
Grill.png Grill 40 Minutes
Ice Cream Churn.png Ice Cream Churn 60 Minutes
Jelly Jar.png Jelly Jar 1 Minute
Juicer.png Juicer 15 Minutes
Loaf Pan.png Loaf Pan 5 Minutes
Meat Grinder.png Meat Grinder 30 Minutes
Microwave.png Microwave 10 Minutes
Mixer.png Mixer 30 Minutes
Muffin Tin.png Muffin Tin 5 Minutes
Oven.png Oven 60 Minutes
Pickling Jar.png Pickling Jar 1 Minute
Pie Pan.png Pie Pan 5 Minutes
Pizza Stone.png Pizza Stone 20 Minutes
Press Pot.png Press Pot 10 Minutes
Roasting Pan.png Roasting Pan 5 Minutes
Sauce Pan.png Sauce Pan 5 Minutes
Sheet Pan.png Sheet Pan 5 Minutes
Skillet.png Skillet 20 Minutes
Stock Pot.png Stock Pot 30 Minutes
Stovetop.png Stovetop 40 Minutes
Waffle Iron.png Waffle Iron 20 Minutes


Recipes can be bought in the General Store and Greenhouse Garden and must be used from the Inventory before they can be cooked. In order to level up the player must cook a certain number of recipes, the number of which changes for each level. For every recipe made, your Kith earns attribute points and as the player levels up, the attribute points gained increases.

Enchanted Kitchen


Enchanted Kitchen.png

Enchanted Kitchen tools can be purchased at Elven Cuisine.

Image Name Clean Time
Avoreal Shell.png Avoreal Shell 5 Minutes
Beehive Log.png Beehive Log 15 Minutes
Briar Rose.png Briar Rose 5 Minutes
Cast Iron Crockpot.png Cast Iron Crockpot 30 Minutes
Dryad's Leaf.png Dryad's Leaf 5 Minutes
Elven Quickblade.png Elven Quickblade 1 Minute
Elven Teapot.png Elven Teapot
Enchanted Infuser.png Enchanted Infuser 5 Minutes
Fermentation Jug.png Fermentation Jug 10 Minutes
Golden Scale.png Golden Scale 1 Minute
Large Cinis Scale.png Large Cinis Scale 5 Minutes
Moonlight Coffin.png Moonlight Coffin 15 Minutes
Mortar and Pestle.png Mortar and Pestle 3 Minutes
Mushroom Log.png Mushroom Log 10 Minutes
Petrified Heartwood.png Petrified Heartwood 1 Minute
Spiderweb Netting.png Spiderweb Netting 10 Minutes
Sugar Spinning Wheel.png Sugar Spinning Wheel
Sunstone.png Sunstone 15 Minutes


Recipes used in the Enchanted Kitchen can be purchased at Elven Cuisine.

Sunken Kitchen


Sunken Kitchen.png

Sunken Kitchen tools can be purchased at Pirate Galley and Siren's Delights.

Image Name Clean Time
Bamboo Mat.png Bamboo Mat 5 Minutes
Barrel.png Barrel 6 Hours
Bubbler.png Bubbler 15 Minutes
Cake Cannon.png Cake Cannon 40 Minutes
Charybdis' Pool.png Charybdis' Pool 15 Minutes
Core Engine.png Core Engine 60 Minutes
Diving Helmet.png Diving Helmet 20 Minutes
Giant Clam Shell.png Giant Clam Shell 30 Minutes
Pirate Hook.png Pirate Hook 10 Minutes
Pirate Sword.png Pirate Sword 5 Minutes
Prisoner's Grate.png Prisoner's Grate 30 Minutes
Reflecting Pool.png Reflecting Pool 50 Minutes
Steam Vent.png Steam Vent 25 Minutes
Tentacle Mold.png Tentacle Mold 20 Minutes
The Cracken.png The Cracken 10 Minutes
Thingamabob.png Thingamabob 5 Minutes
Trident.png Trident 2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Unfortunate Cauldron.png Unfortunate Cauldron 2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Wave Weave.png Wave Weave 25 Minutes


Sunken Kitchen recipes can be purchased at Pirate Galley and Siren's Delights.

Spooky Kitchen


Spooky Kitchen.jpg

Spooky Kitchen tools can be purchased at Confectionery.

Image Name Clean Time
Broken Shield.png Broken Shield
Frozen in Time.png Frozen in Time
Headless Helper.png Headless Helper
Insatiable Pot.png Insatiable Pot
Meat Cleaver.png Meat Cleaver
Mummy's Tomb.png Mummy's Tomb
Portal of Deboning.png Portal of Deboning
Potion Book.png Potion Book
Sands of Time.png Sands of Time
Stake Stack.png Stake Stack
Tesla Coil.png Tesla Coil
Vessels of Sugarmancy.png Vessels of Sugarmancy
Wicker Cages.png Wicker Cages
Witch's Cauldron.png Witch's Cauldron
Witch's Oven.png Witch's Oven


Spooky Kitchen recipes can be purchased at Confectionery.


There were several previews released before cooking went live on August 12, 2016.