Coral Reef

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This page is for the Coral Reef remnant. For the clothing item, see Coral Reef (Clothing).

The Coral Reef's Surface
The Everstorm has cleared to reveal a beautiful sandy beach and clear water. Here you can swim in the depths to find merfolk, or rise into the cove to meet a pirate crew!

The Coral Reef is a Remnant of the world, discovered through Lycus and Lenta's combined efforts. It was released on June 30, 2017. The Reef is inhabited by human pirates and Merfolk.


NPC Shop Sells Shop Description
Bonnie Quest.png Bonnie Pirate Galley Food, Kitchen Tools, Recipes Bring yer own tankard and don't mind the tentacles - gotta keep 'em fresh and lively for a bite.
Dione Quest.png Dione Decked Out Patterns, Materials From swimwear to up there on the surface, get decked out in your favorite outfits here!
Ogenus Quest.png Ogenus Seabed Misc Debris always settles at the bottom of the ocean, but that makes it an excellent place to lay eggs. Eh, whatever, babies like junk, right?
Shay Quest.png Shay Starboard Engineer Toys Yes, starboard, as in, “to the right.” Because my engineering is always exactly right.
Tethys Quest.png Tethys Siren's Delights Food, Kitchen Tools, Recipes I'll sing a siren song for you, a tragic tale of love lost and true... And delicious food to sell, too...
Marcus Quest.png Marcus Treasured Books Books Ahoy, matey! There's treasure buried here in the Reef - books! So many books!


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