Core Transmissions

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Core Transmissions BG.png
BEEP! This was once a bustling communications center, but since the Ultranova destroyed the Earth, it’s fallen into complete disrepair. Now it’s full of broken tech and discarded decorations.

Core Transmissions is a store in the Cosmic Solarium run by RiGBy. The store sells various miscellaneous quest items such as broken machine parts.


Image Name Base Price Rarity
Antivirus Caution Tape.png Antivirus Caution Tape 100 Shard.png Common
Broken Hard Drive.png Broken Hard Drive 300 Shard.png Rare
Card Reader.png Card Reader 300 Shard.png Rare
Core Battery.png Core Battery 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Core Diagnostics.png Core Diagnostics 100 Shard.png Common
Corrupted Keyboard.png Corrupted Keyboard 100 Shard.png Common
Cracked Screen.png Cracked Screen 100 Shard.png Common
Damaged Visor.png Damaged Visor 300 Shard.png Uncommon
Decaying Arm.png Decaying Arm 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Decaying Circuitboard.png Decaying Circuitboard 400 Shard.png Rare
Detached Arm.png Detached Arm 100 Shard.png Common
Emergency Air Mask.png Emergency Air Mask 100 Shard.png Common
Emergency Button.png Emergency Button 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Emergency Health Pen.png Emergency Health Pen 300 Shard.png Rare
Emergency Propulsion.png Emergency Propulsion 100 Shard.png Common
Glitchy Code.png Glitchy Code 100 Shard.png Common
Hacker Battery.png Hacker Battery 100 Shard.png Common
Half Holoscreen.png Half Holoscreen 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Magnetic Light.png Magnetic Light 100 Shard.png Common
Mangled Arm.png Mangled Arm 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Nibbled Cable.png Nibbled Cable 100 Shard.png Common
Shattered Wings.png Shattered Wings 300 Shard.png Uncommon
Smashed Bulb.png Smashed Bulb 100 Shard.png Common
Solar Battery.png Solar Battery 300 Shard.png Rare
Solar Communicator.png Solar Communicator 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Solar Multitool.png Solar Multitool 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Tangled Wires.png Tangled Wires 100 Shard.png Common
Tattered Drive.png Tattered Drive 300 Shard.png Rare
USB Drive.png USB Drive 100 Shard.png Common
Warped Communicator.png Warped Communicator 300 Shard.png Rare
Blue Key Card.png Blue Key Card 100 Shard.png Common
Green Key Card.png Green Key Card 100 Shard.png Common
Red Key Card.png Red Key Card 100 Shard.png Common
Blue AI Chip.png Blue AI Chip 300 Shard.png Rare
Green AI Chip.png Green AI Chip 300 Shard.png Rare
Pink AI Chip.png Pink AI Chip 300 Shard.png Rare
Purple AI Chip.png Purple AI Chip 300 Shard.png Rare

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