Cosmic Solarium

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The Cosmic Solarium's Crust
After traveling through the depths of tattered space, you've reached the last ship to survive the Ultranova - welcome aboard the Cosmic Solarium!

The Cosmic Solarium is a Remnant of the world. It is currently run by Commander Kyprian.


NPC Shop Sells Shop Description
RiGBy Quest.png RiGBy Core Transmissions Misc BEEP! This was once a bustling communications center, but since the Ultranova destroyed the Earth, it’s fallen into complete disrepair. Now it’s full of broken tech and discarded decorations.
Elliot Quest.png Elliot Castoff Shuttle Patterns, Materials A damaged shuttle filled with abandoned patterns and clothing materials that were cast off by the Upper Crust. Who hoarded these things?
Xenia Quest.png Xenia Automated Nursery Toys Tons of toys! Incredible inventions! Great gadgets! ...Oh, and a baby.
Marisol Quest.png Marisol Botany Terrace Food, Misc Overseeing food production is a difficult and prestigious job, but with help from her Kith, this melancholy botanist is doing something once thought impossible: growing extinct plants from Earth.
Beebot Quest.png Beebot Terrace Hive Food, Misc Life for a pollenbot is bzz-bzz-busy! Still, there’s always time to offer fresh produce to anyone who stops by the hives <3 <3
Kyprian Quest.png Kyprian Bridge Archives Book The information found in the Commander’s personal Archives is completely classified… But maybe he’ll share some books with you when the Bridge Crew’s not looking.


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