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Council Records BG.jpg
All our knowledge is carefully preserved in the council building at the mountain's peak. You may find the rules and regulations listed in the entryway.

Council Records is a store in the Snow Globe run by Firmheart. The store sells Snow Globe books.


Image Name Base Price Rarity
Advanced Trails Collection.png Advanced Trails Collection 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Bad Words.png Bad Words 500 Shard.png Common
Beginner Trails Collection.png Beginner Trails Collection 500 Shard.png Common
Benefactress Nose Best.png Benefactress Nose Best 500 Shard.png Common
Blackout Novel.png Blackout Novel 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Bunny Hills Trails Collection.png Bunny Hills Trails Collection 500 Shard.png Common
Calculating Calendars.png Calculating Calendars 500 Shard.png Common
Caper in the Caverns.png Caper in the Caverns 500 Shard.png Common
Cheers For Charity.png Cheers For Charity 500 Shard.png Common
Classic Counterpoints.png Classic Counterpoints 500 Shard.png Common
Community Counterpoints.png Community Counterpoints 500 Shard.png Common
Contrite Counterpoints.png Contrite Counterpoints 500 Shard.png Common
Counting Down the Days.png Counting Down the Days 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Decorating For Dummies.png Decorating For Dummies 500 Shard.png Common
Don't Dwell On It.png Don't Dwell On It 500 Shard.png Common
Expert Trails Collection.png Expert Trails Collection 1500 Shard.png Rare
Forgive and Forget.png Forgive and Forget 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Gaffe at the Gravesite.png Gaffe at the Gravesite 500 Shard.png Common
Hot to Trot.png Hot to Trot 1500 Shard.png Rare
Ice Ice Baby.png Ice Ice Baby 500 Shard.png Common
If You Can't Say Anything Nice.png If You Can't Say Anything Nice 500 Shard.png Common
Intermediate Trails Collection.png Intermediate Trails Collection 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Intrigue at the Ice Rink.png Intrigue at the Ice Rink 500 Shard.png Common
Just Desserts.png Just Desserts 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Keep it Chill.png Keep it Chill 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Neighborly Night.png Neighborly Night 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
No Business like Snow Business.png No Business like Snow Business 500 Shard.png Common
No Nose.png No Nose 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Nose Knows.png Nose Knows 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Our Benevolent Benefactress.png Our Benevolent Benefactress 1500 Shard.png Rare
Peril at the Pancake Party.png Peril at the Pancake Party 500 Shard.png Common
Planning Perfection.png Planning Perfection 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Reasons to Smile.png Reasons to Smile 500 Shard.png Common
Rites of Wronging.png Rites of Wronging 1500 Shard.png Rare
Scandal at the Ski Slope.png Scandal at the Ski Slope 500 Shard.png Common
Shedding Season.png Shedding Season 500 Shard.png Common
Suspicion in the Snow Fort.png Suspicion in the Snow Fort 500 Shard.png Common
Tail Tales.png Tail Tales 500 Shard.png Common
Tasteful Decorations.png Tasteful Decorations 500 Shard.png Common
The Chronicles of Warmia.png The Chronicles of Warmia 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The Crystal Exchange.png The Crystal Exchange 500 Shard.png Common
The Crystal Exchange II.png The Crystal Exchange II 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The Crystal Exchange III.png The Crystal Exchange III 1500 Shard.png Rare
The Cursed Winter.png The Cursed Winter 1500 Shard.png Rare
The Everlasting Story.png The Everlasting Story 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
The First Winter.png The First Winter 1500 Shard.png Rare
The Mogul Business.png The Mogul Business 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Untested Trails Collection.png Untested Trails Collection 1500 Shard.png Rare
Valley Girl.png Valley Girl 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Whiteout Novel.png Whiteout Novel 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Winter of Our Discount Tent.png Winter of Our Discount Tent 500 Shard.png Common
Yard Sale.png Yard Sale 500 Shard.png Common
Yard Sard.png Yard Sard 500 Shard.png Common

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