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Story Involvement



  • I've always loved playing with cloth - have you ever simply sat and watched kelp sway in the current? Isn't the motion just fascinating? I love making clothes that move like that...
  • Hullo! Can I help you with anything?
  • Welcome to Decked Out! I'm Dione. If you need anything, please, ask!
  • Oh! For an outsider, you look positively darling. I never thought I would see newcomers in my time, but here you are!
  • Oh! Goodness, hello! You're from that school beyond the Everstorm, right? Welcome!


  • It's so nice having new faces around. It gives Tethys something different to talk about, if nothing else!
  • For someone as interested as Ogenus is in the surface, he couldn't care less about letting me try anything on him. He always has time to talk about fabrication techniques from the pre-Everstorm era, but come at him with so much as a scarf and poof! There he goes!
  • Oh it's just the darndest thing, I was just- oh! Ohoho! "Darned." Oh I didn't even mean to make that pun.
  • Hm... but would those colors work together or just clash- oh! Hullo again! Hey, what do you think about this...?
  • Ah, (username)! Don't mind me, I'm just mulling over yet another project. I know, I know...


  • If you need a hand with a project, you have most certainly come to the right place!
  • (username)! Looking to change things up? Did you want to go with the flow this time, or something against the current?
  • I hope Tethys isn't giving you a hard time about the humans. She'll get it out of her system eventually.
  • Say, are you looking for a new, well, look? I've got some pieces in the works that I think you'll just LOVE.
  • Do all the students at your school dress as well as you? How wonderful, to be surrounded by so many stylish people!


  • Oh! Just a moment, I’m finishing up some pieces for the newest hatchlings. Have you seen them all nestled in the Seabed? It’s so much fun making things for them! So small and delicate... It’s so different from making clothes for adults. All sizes are challenging in their own way... It’s exciting, and so rewarding!
  • Whenever you're here, everything seems to go, well, swimmingly! Ohoho!
  • Um, (username), how good are you with matters of romance? If say, you wanted to get a smart, handsome, bookish sort of person to notice you...?
  • Oh! Have you come looking for sneak peeks? Oh I shouldn't, but... I can make an exception for you!
  • If you need anything, anything at all, you need only ask, you know.