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Dizzy is an Avoreal and a resident of the Enchanted Forest. She runs Nesting Playce, where she sells Enchanted Forest toys.



Story Involvement

During the March 2017 Event, Dizzy helped Skyler Travel to Hope, wherein she met Piper.

Dizzy played a key role in Celariel's search for a spouse during the 2017 June Event. In hopes of helping Celariel choose her suitor, Dizzy set up the Prized Princess Pudding Preliminaries, a pudding throwing contest that was based off of Dizzy's favourite book, The Rose.[1] During the contest, suitors were pitted against one another in a chance game. This resulted in the release of the event exclusive item Dizzy's Good Berry Pudding. All those who participated in the contest were given the Royal Suitor title, and the winner received the title of The Victor.[2]



  • Hi! Do you think trees think about things? I mean. You know. The ones that aren't yet Dryads. It must be terribly strange to shed all your hair every Fall. I mean the trees. Not the Dryads. Though now I wonder...
  • Hi! Have a look around if you want! Sorry if Burnie lands on your head, he likes sitting on pretty things. Don't worry, his flames won't hurt you, he's a good Kith! Eeheehee!
  • GASP. You don't have feathers! Or pointy ears! Where are you from? Is it fun there?
  • If Othidar asks, I didn't do it. Honest!
  • Oh hello!! Have we met?


  • Yawn... I had a great idea last night for a new thing but now I don't remember it. I got distracted again! Well, I'm sure I'll think of it later. Anyway, hi!
  • Oop! Looks like you have feathers in your hair now. Sorry!
  • Aw!! You and your Kith look like such good friends. It's so important to have good friends.
  • My jokes aren't always super polished, of course. Most of the time I'm just... wing-ing it! Eeheehee!
  • Hi hi hi! Eee it's so good to see you again uhhhh... Uh. What's your name again? (username)! See, I knew I knew it!


  • You're back! Can we play a game together?
  • Don't tell anyone, but the Princess kinda scares me sometimes. Just sometimes!!
  • Oh oh oh oh! (username)! What's your favorite game? No no no wait let me guess! Ummmmm. I dunno, but I bet it's a good one!
  • It's always so nice to see you. You're like sunshine on a rainy day: bright, welcome, and warm! Say, how good are you at getting rid of humidity?
  • Awww, (username), it's so tweet of you to check in on me like this.


  • If you want to talk to me about discounts just give a shout. I can always make things a little... cheep-er!
  • It's such a boring day. Do you think so? Ooh! Ooh I have an idea! Let's go out and make our own fun! We could prank somebody. Okay yes probably Othidar. He just makes the funniest noises when he's startled. Well, are you in?
  • No time to waste! There's fun to be had! Come on!
  • Hi um - um. Eeheehee I'm just kidding! As if I'd ever forget you, (username)!
  • You're such a good person, (username). Even if you don't have feathers. Maybe especially since you don't have feathers!