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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by Driftglade.


Clothing for a Cause

"Donate some clothes to Driftglade's fundraiser for a share of the Shard profits!"
Clothing for a Cause
Introduction: Wanna help?
Requirements: Don't make most of these clothes myself. 'Cept for, y’know… the sports gear… Anyway! If you wanna donate stuff we can sell, it raises extra money for supplies that go to the healers who volunteer here. So. Good cause!
If completed: I owe the healers big time, but… can't really knit. Or sew? Never liked it. Actually, that’s how Joy and I first got to be, like, pals - sneaking out of knitting circles together as kids. And even now, I always get so d-distracted, daydreaming ‘bout being out on the mountain again… That’s what makes sense to me, y’know? All instincts. Never gotta think about anything when I’m up there, with just the wind and the speed and the valley so tiny below…
If declined: Who donates the most? Oh, Gloryglint. For sure.

Down in the Powder Dumps

"Cheer Driftglade up by playing a game and he'll give you an extra toy."
Down in the Powder Dumps
Introduction: ...
Requirements: Oh, hey, (Username). Totally didn't see you. Was just… y’know. Thinking. About… stuff.
If completed: Heh… that’s a pretty sweet game. …Thanks. Hey, speaking of fun, you want this extra toy? Don't really need it myself, but Glory insisted… Since, y'know. I was just visiting the graveyard.
If declined: tba

Mountainous Portions

"Uh oh, Driftglade forgot to bring a meal to eat before heading out on the slopes... Can you help him out? He'll pay extra for delivery!"
Mountainous Portions
Introduction: C‘mon, c’mon, c’mon…
Requirements: YEAH! Volunteer shift DONE! Time to grab my skis and see if there's any of that fresh powder left! Maybe if I hit some of the eastern glades I can still nab some good lines - was hoping to hit the west bowl earlier, but it’s gonna be all carved up by now - Aw, wait. Silver Lady’s blessings… I totally spaced on grabbing some food…
If completed: Thanks, (Username)!! That’s - mmmph - totally rad - GULP! Hard to shred on an empty stomach! Really takes some hearty fuel for a long day out on the slopes, especially because you gotta hike to get to the best stuff. Now I can get up and out there - WOAH, and check out those gnarly storm clouds! Maybe it’ll start snowing again while I’m out on the lift!!
If declined: Welp. Bright side is, if I’m out grabbing snacks anyway, I can swing by and drop some off for Joy.


Cabin Fever

"Show Driftglade some new sporty toys and he'll happily share some Snow Globe ingredients with you."
Cabin Fever
Introduction: Hey.
Requirements: It's really dumping out there... But volunteer shift’s still going, so I'm stuck inside. Sigh. By the time I get out, mountain’s gonna be all carved up...
If completed: A new sport? Woah! Wait ‘til I show the rest of my team how to play this! ‘Course, not that I'd flake on my shift. Unless... you need a food break? Awright, let’s go. Hospitality, yeah?
If declined: S’awright. I’ll chill.


Family Tree

"Help Driftglade figure out an appropriately fun toy to use around Firmheart in exchange for a book about said appropriateness..."
Family Tree
Introduction: You forget to RSVP for family dinner ONE time…
Requirements: My immediate family’s pretty small. Just me, mom and dad… so we go over to my great-uncles’ for our family dinner, at least once a week. And Uncle H, he's always real glad to chill with us! But Great-Uncle Firmheart… I dunno, he’s always been there for me during the t-tough stuff, but, like… not when it comes to fun?
If completed: Ever since I started spending all my free time out on the slopes, there’s lots of… y’know. Comments. ‘Bout my team and their life choices and, like… word choices… So I brought a bunch of them to family dinner once? Thought it might help? But… guess I maybe spaced out and forgot to mention I was gonna do it, so… probably had the opposite effect, heh…
If declined: Haha, not a big deal. He’s who he is. Y’know?



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