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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Elliot Grant, previously known as PA System, is an NPC of the Cosmic Solarium. He runs the Castoff Shuttle.

Site Description

Elliot Grant is an angry young maintenance engineer in the Core whose experiments on the Ultranova have left him badly Tattered. As a result, he has isolated himself in the Castoff Shuttle and mostly communicates through the PA system. He collects cast-off clothing and sells it to survive, but he hasn’t stopped gathering energy from the Tattered Weave, known to him as the Black Hole, to weave into resources that the Solarium has no other way to access. He speaks about Kyprian with undisguised scorn, despite knowing more than anyone what sacrifices the Commander has made.



Shop Dialogue


  • Damn Nibblugs, everywhere I step! The situation with these aliens has really gone ultra lately.
  • Don’t let our precious Commander boss you around. Make the guy remember what it’s like to get his hands dirty again.
  • Look at all this... That wasteful Upper Crust throws things away without thinking twice.
  • What was Rigby thinking, bringing aliens onto the ship?! So much for security protocols.
  • You really wanna wear these fancy frips? Oookay. You must have excellent taste.


  • (USERNAME), yeah? Can’t believe you still want more of these garish clothes. To each their own.
  • Had to recalibrate some of the Core machinery again this morning. Soon as the engineers need me, suddenly they treat me like I’m still one of their scientists. I’m so touched.
  • I know this Core like the back of my hand - what’s left of my hand, anyway. Unlike some people, I’m perfectly happy to stay in the place where we grew up.
  • Okay, fine. So maybe YOUR Kith wasn’t one of the aliens that attacked us. That doesn’t mean they’re all little darlings or whatever. Don’t be naive.
  • Rigby’s back at it again, trying to re-sync their AI chips. Why break your back trying to rebuild relationships that you lost? Caring about people just lets them screw you over.


  • ...Say. Sometimes you go visit Kyp- uh, the Commander, yeah? Make sure he’s taking care of those cybernetics of his. I hate it when machines need fixing, is all.
  • Sleep? Sure, sleeping down here is just peachy. Nothing I love more than staring at the ceiling for hours, stewing over my own mistakes and pathetic regrets.
  • This Tattering... *hchh*... *koff*... Sooner or later, it wrecks everything I touch. You oughta keep away from me.
  • Xenia’s a sweet droid, but her job really gets me boiled. No kid needs some robot pretending that people are gonna care about them. I fended for myself in the Core just fine after my parents died.
  • You seriously like these fancy frips, (USERNAME)? Here. I have some extras for you, since they get you so damn sunny.


  • Don’t you ever tell the Commander, but... sometimes, when I go into the Black Hole, it feels... I dunno. Almost like the parts of my body that are gone are more real than the parts that still exist... I've heard of shadow pain from missing limbs, but why's it only when I'm there that it hurts so bad?
  • I wish all these Nibblugs would keep away from me. I don’t know what my Tattering might do to them, spending all this time hanging around me in the Core. It’d be safer for those little space invaders if they’d keep their distance.
  • Look. (USERNAME). Can you... make sure Kyprian is taking care of himself? It’s just that he’s under so much pressure, and that idiot thinks he owes a piece of himself to every damn civilian on this ship. He doesn’t owe anything to anyone! ...Least of all me.
  • See those access pipes? Kyprian and I used to spend hours crawling through them when we were kids… Bet he never told his beloved Bridge Crew about the time he broke one in half. Heh.
  • Sometimes I wish I could go back and do stuff different. You ever get like that, (USERNAME)? Feel like you maybe could’ve had everything you ever wanted, if you’d just made a different choice, or… said the right thing to someone?



  • Before his full reveal, Elliot communicated to the site through the Solarium's PA System, and had no portraits.

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