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Estella is the wife of Nicholas and mother of Lycus and Piper. Likes sweets and is apparently a very good cook. May or may not be a secret agent.[1]

Estella's name was first mentioned in the unique Iris devoted questline Iris' Secret. Her first official appearance was during the May 2018 Event[2] along with the introduction of the Bank of Hope, which she runs.



  • Ah, please excuse me, I’ll be with you in just a moment.
  • It’s okay, I know how confusing this kind of paperwork can get. Let me see how I can help.
  • Hello, are you here to make a deposit?
  • We’ve got a few forms for you to sign today, if you’re- wait, where’s my pen?
  • My name’s Estella Artois, and I’ll be helping you with any deposits or withdrawals you need today.


  • [Player Name], have you been helping out around town? It feels good to volunteer your free time, doesn’t it?
  • Hello again, [Player Name].
  • If you need any help with math, let me know. Lycus didn’t get all his smarts from his father!
  • I can get a lockbox down for you, if you’d like to open it privately.
  • Don’t forget to take a lollipop with you on your way out! They’re free!


  • Are you saving up for something special, [Player Name]?
  • Hmm… What to make for dinner tonight…
  • Back again, so soon? Miss me?
  • Aw, there’s my favorite client!
  • Tsk, don’t try any funny business with me, [Player Name]. I raised Piper; I know that mischievous look when I see it.


  • Treat yourself! Isn’t the point of saving up to give yourself something nice from time to time?
  • It's okay to have snack foods and treats as long as you’re sure to eat all your veggies too! A healthy body needs healthy nutrients to grow. I'm still working on that lesson with my kids...
  • Nothing warms my heart quite like seeing the people I love enjoying the food I made for them!
  • Here, [Player name], say ahhh~
  • It’s okay, [Player name], I’m on break right now! Come chat with me!