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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by Firmheart.


Council Regulations

"Firmheart needs to vent a little, so if you could hand him that book, he'll gladly get rid of this toy that was left in the room..."
Council Regulations
Introduction: It is critically important to be aware of the systems that the Snow Globe has in place…
Requirements: The Community Council is an illustrious tradition that was established many generations ago, shortly after the creation of the Snow Globe by the Benevolent Benefactress. You see, the blessing of She Who Sleeps Beneath the Snow required our predecessors to come up with certain accommodations in order to adapt to our unique situation. Banding together, finding compromises, and setting community standards… You must understand, these things are no simple whim. And so each generation of volunteers graciously builds on the work of the generation before – ideally without disrupting the safeguards already established carefully over time. Of course, some Councilors feel differently…
If completed: Yes, some Councilors seem to view the established traditions of our predecessors as little more than toys, and the act of seeking election to the head of subcommittees as a sprightly game to be enjoyed, rather than a vital duty to protect and assist those who surround us and look up to us. Although I am sure that a certain charismatic applicant would never take any actions that might increase the risk for the trusting neighbors who surround them

But I digress. Now, allow me to begin explaining some practical applied knowledge, beginning with the subtle art of expressing one's innermost feelings via a personalized pancake serving platter…

If declined: I’m not the one engaging in a popularity contest. Whatever my reputation may be, I measure my results not in gaiety, but in lives.

Kith Commotion

"Firmheart is concerned about the Kith - would you be so kind as to interact with your Kith to educate Firmheart? He'll reward you with a book of his own for your education, too."
Kith Commotion
Introduction: Yet another disruption?
Requirements: Naturally we are all so very grateful that you and the rest of our new neighbors have broken down the wall of our Snow Globe, so that all of these new Kith may serve as honored members of the community… One does have to ask, however, why is it that they insist on interrupting so many Council functions? Of course we wish to hear from all members of our community, in turn, but one would expect that their… concerns… are surely significantly different enough that their perspectives might not always be relevant?
If completed: Hmmm. Yes, I do see that they bear many similarities to we Dwellers. It may be true, what Hearthsworn has been discussing - that more diverse perspectives should be taken into account, no matter the sources or the unique interpretation of turn-taking etiquette. I shall… think on it.
If declined: tba

Prove Your Point

"If you can find the right book to help Firmheart prepare for his debate, he'll ensure you have the proper clothing to attend said debate..."
Prove Your Point
Introduction: I assure you, this debate has practically been resolved already.
Requirements: (Username), just a moment - another Council debate is about to begin, and I simply need to find this one particular volume to demonstrate exactly the point that I am trying to make…
If completed: Thank you. It might surprise you to learn what can be considered as compelling evidence for - or against - an argument, but with a deft touch and the right persuasive reasoning… Heh. Now. Are you planning to accompany me to the debate? If so… I am sure you intend to change first into something more appropriate for the occasion, yes...?
If declined: tba

Read Between the Lines

"Share one of your Hope books with Firmheart, and he'll reward you with Shards as thanks."
Read Between the Lines
Introduction: This week’s Neighborly Night has already been scheduled, so I believe that I have a few extra moments for a discussion...
Requirements: Have you availed yourself of our literary offerings? One can learn vital societal norms from literature... and having spent some time here, I’m sure you agree that learning to fit in is a particularly valuable experience in this Globe. Though I gather it is not the same where you are?
If completed: Fascinating... The language is both direct and expressive, even without explicit code-switching between a formal and informal register. Yet it is intelligible, from the sentence structure to the vocabulary... Does it not make you curious, that I can understand each of these volumes upon first glance, despite our astonishingly different backgrounds? Surely my speech and yours should be as linguistically distinct as my speech and my husband’s signing- No, of course these details will not distract me from the larger societal information that this book might convey. Language is not a toy...
If declined: tba





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