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Forest Fittings BG.png
Everything is custom fitted here, so yes, even humans can wear enchanting apparel.

Forest Fittings is a store in the Enchanted Forest run by Alban. The store sells patterns for tailoring forest clothing and accessories.


Patterns will stock in the Forest Fittings regardless of your Tailoring level. The level given for each recipe is the level of the highest material required for the recipe.

This table is a work in progress.

Image Name Average Price Rarity Level
Whimsical Wizard Gloves Pattern.png Whimsical Wizard Gloves Pattern  ? Uncommon 8
Whimsical Wizard Robes Pattern.png Whimsical Wizard Robes Pattern  ? Unknown 9
Whimsical Wizard Boots Pattern.png Whimsical Wizard Boots Pattern  ? Common 6
Studious Wizard Robes Pattern.png Studious Wizard Robes Pattern  ? Rare 9
Studious Wizard Boots Pattern.png Studious Wizard Boots Pattern  ? Common 6
Studious Wizard Belt Pattern.png Studious Wizard Belt Pattern  ? Uncommon 9
Quiver Pattern.png Quiver Pattern  ? Common 6
Archery Boots Pattern.png Archery Boots Pattern  ? Common 6
Bow Pattern.png Bow Pattern  ? Rare 6
Archery Gloves Pattern.png Archery Gloves Pattern  ? Unknown 6
Archery Pants Pattern.png Archery Pants Pattern  ? Unknown 5
Archery Tunic Pattern.png Archery Tunic Pattern  ? Unknown 5
Enchanted Wind Pattern.png Enchanted Wind Pattern  ? Common 1
Enchanted Undergrowth Pattern.png Enchanted Undergrowth Pattern  ? Uncommon 9
Butterfly Swarm Pattern.png Butterfly Swarm Pattern  ? Unknown 9


Materials are found in a separate Materials shelf in Forest Fittings. Unlike patterns, materials stock based on your Tailoring level. Only materials at your current level or lower will appear in stock. These materials may still be available for purchase through other users.

Image Name Rarity Level
Black Dye.png Dye (all colors) Common 1
A Spell.png A Spell Rare 1
Buckle Material.png Buckle Material Common 1
Buttons Material.png Buttons Material Common 1
Canvas Material.png Canvas Material Common 1
Carving Tools.png Carving Tools Uncommon 1
Cotton Material.png Cotton Material Common 1
Crystal.png Crystal Common 8
Denim Material.png Denim Material Common 3
Dryad's Bark.png Dryad's Bark Uncommon 1
Earring Backing.png Earring Backing Common 7
Elastic Material.png Elastic Material Uncommon 3
Enchanted Tools.png Enchanted Tools Rare 9
Eyelets Material.png Eyelets Material Common 5
Flannel Material.png Flannel Material Uncommon 4
Fringe Material.png Fringe Material Uncommon 2
Gauze Material.png Gauze Material Uncommon 2
Glass.png Glass Uncommon 7
Hair Pins.png Hair Pins Rare 5
Hemp Material.png Hemp Material Common 9
Jewelry Tools.png Jewelry Tools Rare 7
Lace Material.png Lace Material Uncommon 4
Leather Material.png Leather Material Uncommon 6
Lens Case.png Lens Case Rare 1
Linen Material.png Linen Material Common 1
Makeup Brush.png Makeup Brush Rare 4
Makeup Pencil.png Makeup Pencil Rare 1
Metal.png Metal Rare 10
Morning Dew.png Morning Dew Common 1
Nose Pads.png Nose Pads Common 8
Nylon Material.png Nylon Material Common 3
Pearl.png Pearl Rare 10
Plastic.png Plastic Uncommon 6
Pocket Liner Material.png Pocket Liner Material Uncommon 1
Polyester Material.png Polyester Material Uncommon 9
Powder.png Powder Rare 8
Ribbon Material.png Ribbon Material Uncommon 1
Satin Material.png Satin Material Rare 5
Scissors Material.png Scissors Material Uncommon 1
Shoelaces Material.png Shoelaces Material Common 6
Silk Material.png Silk Material Rare 7
Smithing Tools.png Smithing Tools Rare 7
Soles Material.png Soles Material Common 5
Styling Gel.png Styling Gel Uncommon 1
Terrycloth.png Terrycloth Uncommon 2
Thread Material.png Thread Material Common 1
Velcro Material.png Velcro Material Uncommon 1
Wig Base.png Wig Base Common 2
Wool Material.png Wool Material Uncommon 1
Yarn Material.png Yarn Material Common 4
Zipper Material.png Zipper Material Uncommon 3

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