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Fray is a NPC Lumence allied with Andre, revealed in the "A Frayed Alliance" and "To Catch a Thief" unique quests.



Fray was originally allied with Kei's little brother Lee by accident. Said brother stole gems from Kei and used them to buy a Tattertint from Shady Character. Unfortunately, soon after allying with Fray, Lee abandoned him and he was found by Andre who reluctantly took him in. After causing reckless havoc to Andre's shop, Andre fled to the Campus Store, leaving Fray alone in the shop. During this time, players provided Fray with encouragement and advice, until Andre calmed down enough to return and accept Fray as his Kith. [1]

Story Involvement

During the course of the event, Fray accepted requests to change the color of clothes items such as stockings and gloves by offering them a trade of a similar item along with the correct dyes and stating the desired apparel item in the comment box. For example, in order to get Berry Tri-Color Stockings, one could trade Fray Orange and Ink Stockings along with the Red Dye, White Dye and Pink Dye.

With the release of windblown clothing it was revealed that Andre is teaching Fray to sew clothing, and control his impulsive tendencies, and Fray now has a hand in designing and inspiring new clothing.


Story (A Frayed Alliance)

  • Andre won’ speak to me anymore, not even to yell at me. He went to the Campus Supplies store an’ never came back.
  • I just wanna be a tailor. I wanna make stuff instead of break stuff.
  • I don’ wanna go back to the Tatters…
  • Am I really a bad Kith?
  • Look, I’m gonna prove how good I am at tailorin’! I’m runnin’ the shop, sellin’ the stuff, and givin’ the quests! See for yourself at the Hourly, Daily, and Unique Quests page!!
  • I wanted to help make things for the shop, but Andre never likes my designs… Fingerless gloves are cool, right?