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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by Gloryglint.


All About the Glamour

"Bring Gloryglint a rare toy and she'll treat you to some handmade clothing in return~!"
All About the Glamour
Introduction: Why, everything I do is for the sake of this community. Everything...
Requirements: It’s come to my attention that you may have heard the teeniest bit of gossip about me. Oh, no, you needn’t even utter a word about it! I am keenly aware of how I am regarded by my neighbors… Yes, I do love and cherish them all so very much! That’s why I am so honored to be able to serve them on the Council, and with all my little trinkets…
If completed: A gift? For me? Ohohoho! Now that’s a rare reversal! But I could never let something so sweet and selfless as that go unanswered. Here, let me offer you some glamorous decoration! This is part of an outfit that I have prepared with my own two hands. I hope that it will fill your heart with joy~! And if it is not to your taste? Well, I hear that they're doing some fascinating things in the Tatters out past Hope...
If declined: tba

An Unsettling Alliance

"Muse on the way Kith interact with Gloryglint, and she'll thank you for your thoughts with shiny Shards."
An Unsettling Alliance
Introduction: My precious Kith ally, how vibrant you are... Magma flowing through your veins, like that volcano at the very heart of our mountain… You are truly magnificent!
Requirements: Mmmhmmhmm, don't mind me, (Username) - I hope you don't think I was slighting you? I would never be so impolite as to ignore a guest. I was just having a charming moment with the lovely Kith that I… witnessed in transformation… when the monstrous Scourge of Deception was defeated. You know… The Silver Lady has an intriguing lack of words to say on the subject of creatures like the Kith and Snarls. Of course, I could never share what her final words do say, and betray that confidence… But I wonder if we should ask ourselves what the source of such fascinating creatures might be? And what they might truly be capable of…
If completed: And how has my alliance been going, you might ask? Why, Poetic End has been helping me offer all of my most charitable deliveries to the rest of the community! Yes… As I ride along upon her back, the snow melting beneath her enormous flaming paws and skeletal claws… her seemingly-empty eye sockets gazing upon each neighbor in turn as they open their doors and gape upwards… Why, everyone is just delighted to receive the latest batch of pleasant toys and care packages that we’re distributing! Not to mention the pamphlets for my latest election campaign in the Council, mmhmmhmm…
If declined: tba

Toying With You

"Gloryglint will trade your toy for another toy with a little more rarity~!"
Toying With You
Introduction: Of course, toys are merely one of my many passions… And one of the many things I have to offer this community! For example, I’ve also authored a series that has gotten pleasantly popular… albeit under a pen name. For modesty’s sake, of course.
Requirements: But yes, I do digress… There is something special about making toys, isn’t there? The cheer it brings my neighbors, admiring every tiny stuffed body that I provide, or participating in my frolicsome little games as an engaging distraction
If completed: And that's all well enough for me. But I often find that what I desire most is a project that I can really sink my nails into, something with teeth! Something that delves deeper than these sweet surface pastimes! How fortunate that I have several such projects to occupy me at the moment……Yes… YES! Mmmhmmhmm…. OhohohohoAHAHHAHA!!!
If declined: tba

Words, Words, Words...

"Share a toy from another Remnant with Gloryglint, and she'll let you in on some insider info regarding Snow Globe books..."
Words, Words, Words...
Introduction: Our Benefactress was secretive, yet specific about her intentions… And what of the founder of your Remnant?
Requirements: Isn’t our beautiful Snow Globe just the most delightful place? All our lovely forest glades, our impressive mountain crags, our warm and hospitable neighbors… And don’t forget the shining snow! And shining other things… But of course, I would never imply that this place is superior to the other Remnants who have gifted us with their presence! I wish to know all about them! Yes… All about them…
If completed: Isn’t it intriguing, how each Remnant had founders with their own special little intention? Some with words they’ve passed down, some with words that were lost… Some with words echoing through the voice of that fascinating Colosseum prophet… But then again, we here in the Globe have a particular interest in language. Speak unwisely, in a manner that fails to celebrate all of the positive attributes that surround us, and the crystals of our Benevolent Benefactress sprout from our skin as a helpful reminder… Yes… A reminder that, spoken or unspoken, words have a power all their own…
If declined: That Narrator in the Shadow Stage... It sounds like he had quite the way with words, didn't he? Mmhmmhmm...



A Shimmering Joy

"Gloryglint wants to learn more about Shimmerjoy's miscellany, but even the shiniest toy from Hope can't seem to lure her out..."
A Shimmering Joy
Introduction: As a Councilor, I socialize with everyone in our quaint little community on a regular basis! Or should I say… Almost everyone…
Requirements: Begitte, I find myself with just a few minor questions for your charming friend Shimmerjoy, in case you’d like to pass them along? Just the usual little curiosities… How the weather has been out at that terribly lonely little outpost; if she needs any more cherished crystals from me to repair her lamps; whether she found the Council’s most recent decisions to be helpful… What she might know about the source of all those cracks in our Snow Globe, and the fact that so many of our items mysteriously drifted all the way out to Hope…
If completed: Hmm? Just some passing thoughts I had! She does stand out in a crowd, doesn’t she? Good for her… You know, though I can’t relate to all of her quirks, I do know what it’s like to be a collector. Yes… and what it’s like to always be looking beyond……
If declined: tba



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