Golden Colosseum

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The Golden Colosseum
The Golden Colosseum is where humans, Fauns, and Centaurs use the transformational magic of their Gods to wage an eternal war against the vicious Snarls! Are you ready to fight?

The Golden Colosseum is a Remnant of the world.


NPC Shop Sells Shop Description
Chrysa Quest.png Chrysa Fallen Temple Battle Supplies Don't go into battle unarmed! Turn the tide against the Snarls with these items and strategies specifically designed to hone your Kith's techniques.
Zephyr Quest.png Zephyr Temple of Growth Food Food offerings abound in this temple dedicated to the Spring Goddess! Come feast!
Gallus Quest.png Gallus Faun's Fragments Misc Miscellaneous used charms, pottery, and the like are lovingly collected here. Don't throw it out - just chill out!
Valeria Quest.png Valeria Temple of War Toys These toys aren't just for fun and games. Don't just play and frolic beneath the Summer Sun - IT'S TIME FOR TRAINING, TOO!
Kosmas Quest.png Kosmas Temple of Memory Books Just as Winter's constellations in the sky honor those who went before us, the histories of the past are printed upon the vases collected here.
Quintina Quest.png Quintina Armory Tent Patterns, Materials Come here for protective gear and high fashion, whether it's hammered into metal armor or woven into magic. Don't let the Snarls disrupt your sense of style!


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