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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Hearthsworn is a Dweller from the Snow Globe. He runs the Cottage Community.

Site Description

Hearthsworn is an elderly Deaf Dweller, whose giant family and amiable demeanor has made his home a major hub for the community. Stop in for some snacks!






Shop Dialogue


  • [Clapping one hand against his palm and flipping it, he confides that he's cooking up a surprise for his husband.]
  • [With a cheery one-handed grasping motion, he tells you to help yourself to a plate of anything you see!]
  • [He sweeps his arm towards his stomach, welcoming you in!]
  • [With wave of his hands, fists closing comfortingly in front of his chest, he assures you not to worry, that his husband will warm up to you soon.]
  • [He encourages you to grab a mug of coco, fingers tapping together as he spells the last word.]


  • [He explains, with two pinched hands bobbing at eye level, that he's in the middle of teaching some of his grandkiddos how to cook - he has nearly forty of them, you know!]
  • [His fingers flicker rapidly as he spells out the names of all the whippersnappers he’s babysitting today for the community - so rapidly it’s hard to keep track!]
  • [Laughing, he claps one hand against the other and flips it, letting you know that he's cooking up something new. He could always use another taste-tester… ]
  • [Pinching his hand near his forehead and then clasping his hands together, he tells you that his husband was asking after your health just the other day.]
  • [With an upright hand moving back and forth over an outstretched one, he explains that he is very busy in the kitchen at the moment - but he’ll be right with you in a jiffy!]


  • [Bringing together two hands with index fingers extended, he asks how many people in the community you've met… And with a wink, he adds that if you're having trouble remembering someone's name, he can always subtly fingerspell it to you behind their back!]
  • [Eyebrows raised in inquiry, he asks you if you've eaten yet. There’s always plenty of food fresh from the stove - least he can do, to keep folks feeling safe and happy!]
  • [He lifts his brows, asking you to tell him your favorite food. That way, he can be sure to keep some in stock!]
  • [He wonders, hands forming a sphere shape in front of him, how you’ve been adjusting to the Snow Globe? It might not seem intuitive, the way they have to live here… but that doesn't mean life can't be good.]
  • [Pointed fingers circling around each other, he asks how your signing practice is coming along - he's always open to offer tips!]


  • [Beaming as he crooks his finger down, he tells you that if you need anything, you ought to c’mon in and ask for it, whether it’s a steaming mug of coco or a big hearty hug.]
  • [Bringing his hands together with pointer fingers extended, he reminisces about the first day he and Firmheart met, back when they were both teachers…]
  • [Moving two F shapes in a circle, he tells you that he'd be happy to consider you part of his extended family if you like. There's always enough room for more!]
  • [Sweeping one hand back to his shoulder, he confides that some folks thought him a little bit of a bit of a rabble-rouser in his past - but fighting for the sake of others is always worth the risk.]
  • [You may not always be able to speak openly here, but he assures you, with a gentle fist forming at his chin, that the folks who care about you will always be working hard to find ways to truly listen. He promises.]


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