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Hourly Quest.png

Hourly quests can be found at the top of a shop's page or in the hourly tab in the quest log. Completing these quests will reward reputation points for the character while declining or canceling these quests will have no lasting impact.

"In general, most Quests pull from an item type+rarity, unless the character is asking for something specific to the individual Quest (like pans for Lycus or salads for Andre). However, we'll be seeing different kinds of Quests later this year." -- Diana, 11 Oct 2016

N.B. Some quests are not financially worthwhile! In particular:

Does A Body Good (Kei) only rewards one cookie item, even for Chocolate Milk and Carbonated Milk.
Pop to the Top (Piper) rewards a common toy item, even when the soda requested is an expensive rare flavor.
Thanking Iris (Andre) rewards any rarity clothing, meaning some items may cost less than the toys requested.
A Bright Idea (Robin) rewards a single piece of healthy food, usually much less than the amount spent on roses.

These quests may still be worth doing for kith stats and reputation rewards, but you won't come out ahead on shards/item value.


Hope University

Hope University NPCs Hourlies


Iris Quest.png

Color Wonder

""Ooh! So colorful!""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Have you seen “dye” before? It changes the color of whatever it’s applied to! Isn’t that amazing?

If completed: WOW! Look what it made! Isn’t this spectacular? Ooh!

If declined: That’s all right, (username), I’ll find some elsewhere.


""No, no, not that kind of fetch - little ones, please get back over here!""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: The little ones are getting restless again... Perhaps we should do something fun! (username), would you please fetch this for me?

If completed: Everyone’s already so excited! Settle down, now, and we’ll start playing/eating.

If declined: Perhaps someone else can help me out.

Happy Memories

""Watching your bond grow stronger and surer is one of my greatest joys.""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (username), you’re such a good influence on your Kith. Are you two making happy memories together?

If completed: Yay! I’m so delighted for the both of you!

If declined: Uh oh, why not? Do you need some help? You can always check in the Forums for assistance.

One Nest, Two Nest...

""What does “aesthetic” even mean?""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Despite what Robin says, this is not my idea of “aesthetic”… It’s a MESS. The little ones haven’t yet learned how to clean up after themselves, you know? Would you mind sparing a moment of your time?

If completed: Thank you, (username). This nest looks much better! ...Only hundreds more to go.

If declined: Oh, I understand. I can do it myself, you go have fun.

New Beginnings

""We should always endeavor to welcome new students kindly and gracefully.""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: It’s so lovely to meet new people and make friends! I know that sometimes a new place can be intimidating, but a warm welcome makes it better. Why don’t you go say hello to a newbie in the Welcome to Hope Forum?

If completed: I knew I could count on you, (username)! You’re a good friend.

If declined: Are you sure? Well, even if you’re too busy right now, you should stop by another time. Who knows? You might meet a lifelong friend!

Prized Playtime

""Have you seen Piper’s Arcade?""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Nicolas is so proud of his little girl, it warms my heart. Have you seen Piper’s Arcade? You should take a Kith to play sometime!

If completed: Did you have fun? Ooh, I know! Have a prize! Um, what is it that Piper always says? Oh, right! “Ta-dah!”

If declined: Now, (username), there’s no need to be serious all the time. Everyone needs a break now and then.

Saying Sorry With Shards

""Oh dear, it happened again?""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Oh dear… I’m afraid the little ones have caused a bit of trouble for the shopkeepers again. They don’t yet understand the consequences of their actions, you see; that’s why they need Allies to teach them. Would you be so kind as to help me pay for the repairs?

If completed: Splendid! (username), you have a beautiful heart. Thank you.

If declined: Oh, oh dear, oh dreary dear…

Unrest In The Nest

""Oh dear! The little ones are rabble rousing!""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Oops… It seems one of the rowdy little ones broke another’s nest, and now there’s a whole kerfuffle going on. (username), would you mind stepping in? Please? It hurts my heart to see the Kith squabbling.

If completed: Phew! Thank goodness you were here to help. I’m so glad that’s settled.

If declined: Well, I didn’t want to have to do this… It’s time for a very. Stern. Lecture. Out of my way, (username), this brouhaha has gone too far already.

The Way A Cookie Crumbles

"Oh me, oh my, what am I to do here?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username), I am so sorry to bother you but could I please ask for some help? One of the little ones found a few cookies, but there's not enough for everyone to share even if we break them down. We'd just end up fighting over crumbs. I think if we had a few more then everyone could get a proper bite. Do you know where we could get some more?

If completed: Everyone look what (username) brought us! W-wait! I know you are all excited but make sure you are biting the cookies, not (username)!!

If declined: Hm, well even crumbs can taste good and teaching the little ones sharing is so very important. I am sure we can make do. Wait, who already ate the cookies?!


Miranda Quest.png

Books Remember

"Even when people forget..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I've been trying to copy these books that Skyler gave me, but no matter what I do they always come back out as one big blur! This is so frustrating; there is still so much I have to learn about the Heart of the Forest and how it protects everyone from the Withering. I wonder if the Wizards Three have any connection to Hopes own Hero Althea...

If completed: W-what? You got all of this for me?! Really? Thank you so much! Yes, with all of this I should be able to get another copy of the book hand made! Here! You really earned this!

If declined: Hm, I could try copying it out by hand but that will eat up a lot of my time... sigh.

Book Worm

"Eeek! Squish it! No, not with a book!!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: There! Get that bug! Squish it, quick! No, not with a book!! How dare you?! I can’t- I... can’t... is it.. reading?

If completed: What? You mean, even the bugs are bookworms in the Enchanted Forest? Ohh... I would not have expected that, but it does kind of make sense. In a magical sort of way.

If declined: Just.. just my imagination, then... Haha. Right. Phew! Of course.

Note: Before Miranda came to the Enchanted Forest, her text after completion was, "What? You mean, even the bugs are bookworms in the Enchanted Forest? Ohh… Now I want to go even more… Skyler, tell me again what it’s like there!"


"If you copy something over and over, it loses quality until it’s unreadable."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Where did I put my original copy? Have you seen it? I can’t make more without an original!

If completed: Phew... Thanks for finding that for me, (username). Here, would you look a book from the Enchanted Forest instead?

If declined: Ehh... it looks so blurry when I copy a copy...

For A Friend

"Enheduanna hasn’t yet learned what her favorite toys are."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Um... (username), you get on well with your Kith, right? Can you recommend some good toys to play with them? I’m still figuring out what my Kith Enheduanna likes…

If completed: Oh these are perfect! You have good taste, I knew you’d have good ideas. Thank you so much.

If declined: Oh dear… What should I do? I don’t want to climb all the way up into the trees…

Hungry For More Than Knowledge

"Salads are great and all, but they lack… spice."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: No offense to the Enchanted Forest, but I miss a good home-cooked meal from Hope. Say, (username), how good are you in the Dormitory Kitchen?

If completed: Mmm, I’ve been practically daydreaming about this. Thank you!

If declined: Oh, well, I’m sorry for bothering you.


"It’s been a while since we last talked…"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I haven’t used Lenta’s scrying spell to talk to Andre in a while. (Username), do you have time to run some errands for me? Please? I need new materials each time I cast the ritual, and I’m all out.

If completed: Thanks for helping out, (username). Isn’t it wonderful that we can see our friends no matter the distance between us?

If declined: Maybe later, then. He’s probably quite busy himself.

These Socks Were Made For Walkin

"Don't laugh! Sock collecting is a completely normal hobby..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I read recently that keeping a collection is good for focus and hobby-forming. I... don’t laugh, but... I collect socks. There are just so many different kinds!

If completed: Oh! Are these for me? They’re so pretty. Thank you. Do you collect anything?

If declined: I understand, (username). Please don't worry about it. Sigh...

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest NPCs Hourlies


Celariel Quest.png


"'Tis a way for you to join me true..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Spending time with you has become a reprieve, so much so that it pains me to see you leave. Yet, our differences we can thwart... (Username), I wish to invite you to join my court. Bring to me these ingredients for a spell and you can join the Elven people as well.

If completed: Our time together has eased my fears... Will you join my court with these Elven Ears?

If declined: My deepest apologies for the assumption. I believed you had more gumption.

Foreign Style

"Give Alban time for a new design, and every time their work will shine."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: You wear such interesting clothing, such inventive pieces. Have you shown this to our tailor Alban? I can only imagine how their interest in you increases...

If completed: (Username)! This is perfection. I'm sure Alban will be thrilled with your selection.

If declined: Ah, to wit, have you already spoken to them of it?

Games We Royals Play

"Is this her hobby? Oh dear, I didn't mean to sound snobby."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Dear traveler, may I have your attention? And, if you please, some discretion. One of your fellow students has made a game for her "arcade" based upon our hallowed land. Is it flattering? Is it fun? Would you explain it to me in detail so that I may understand?

If completed: Ah! You return, most excellent. Tell me, then– what is your assessment?

If declined: Should I worry, that you are unwilling to play? Is it really all that bad? What does it say?

Giftwrapping, However...

"Do not tell him of my plans please. Otherwise I'll never manage a reprise."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Would you find it strange, for me to make some gift to Othidar? I would ask your help in fetching something from your land- I think he'd appreciate some addition to his repertoire.

If completed: Thank you, (username). As I said, I am not ungrateful; please, accept this and know that precious little could make me truly hateful.

If declined: I see. Fair enough.

Note: Reward scales with item cost.

Hardcover, Of Course

"But how do they turn pages? It remains a mystery to my sages."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Kith make for quick studies, do they? Show me, if you would, for I battle with hearsay.

If completed: It is fascinating, is it not? I would not have imagined the Kith to have such yearning, and yet behold, despite their beastlike mien: such a propensity for learning!

If declined: Very well, have it your way.

Mind The Cinders!

"Honestly! This isn't novel, and yet you'd think I was living in a hovel!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: May I enlist your aid for a menial labor? I trust such work is oft your friend and neighbor.

If completed: Spotless once again! Many thanks for your aid without any demanding fees. But of course, accept this for your trouble, please.

If declined: How dare-? It is of little importance. I simply must find someone else.

The Princess' New Clothes

"Wherever is that dear old dryad? At this rate I must go unclad!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Now where is it that Alban could have gone? 'Tis a surprise, as when they'll be late is a fact they're usually disclosing. It isn't often them that I must wait upon, but there's an event for which I need a delivery of their clothing!

If completed: My thanks, for helping me as we had discussed. Take this, to wear as a token of my trust.

If declined: Hm. Well, if you see them advocating, be sure to let them know that I am waiting?

A Taste To Remember

"'Twas a simpler time, before I'd even learned to rhyme..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Won't you please spare a moment to serve? I have a memory I desire preserved. A flavor lost from years gone past... I cannot remember when I had it last. Please, I ask you, find this recipe for me, and I shall reward thee handsomely. I only wish to remember a sweeter time, long before my power's climb.

If completed: Thank you my friend, true and dear. Pay no mind, you see no tears. Excuse me now I have a task... to awaken a memory, and in it, bask.

If declined: No, you will not do as I wish? It was only a request for my mother's dish...


Alban Quest.png


Introduction: ?


If completed: VERY GOOD... VERY GOOD INDEED...

If declined: HRM... I WILL... ASK THE OTHERS... ALSO...


Introduction: ?


If completed: YOU HAVE... A RICH SOUL, (username)... DO NOT LOSE SIGHT... OF THAT...

If declined: HMMM...


Introduction: ?





Introduction: ?


If completed: I HOPE THAT YOU GROW... BIG AND STRONG... AS MUCH AS YOUR HEART... (Username)...



Introduction: ?



If declined: AS YOU... WISH... OF COURSE...


Introduction: ?




Note: Awards 1 Speed.


Introduction: ?



If declined: HMM. I TAKE IT YOU ARE... NOT HUNGRY...?


Lenta Quest.png

Best-Laid Pranks Of Birds And Men

"Loose feathers on my desk mean only one thing..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username), I require some assistance. Dizzy has been here, and she has probably trapped my office with some sort of "prank." If you and your Kith would distract her and give me time to figure out what it is, I would appreciate it.

If completed: I have checked all the usual places and I think I found them all. Thank you, friend. Please, have this.

If declined: I hope this does not mean you are involved with her shenanigans.

Deep-Rooted Gratitude

"He hardly seems the type for frivolities."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I have been meaning to send Othidar something of a... a thank-you gift, I suppose, for all his help and advice. He strikes me as the type to appreciate a functional gift.

If completed: Thank you, thank you. I hope he likes it.

If declined: I sympathize with the trials of a busy schedule.

Enchanted, Darling

"Magical transference should not be terribly difficult."
I wonder... I wonder if spells we use here might be applied to devices from your home, the University. Would you bring me something? I could work out the correct enchantments to apply.
Required: 1 Dormitory Kitchen Item Reward: 1 Enchanted Kitchen Item
Pickling Jar.png Pickling Jar

Jelly Jar.png Jelly Jar
(Rank 1)

Baking Dish.png Baking Dish

Cake Pan.png Cake Pan
Loaf Pan.png Loaf Pan
Muffin Tin.png Muffin Tin
Pie Pan.png Pie Pan
Roasting Pan.png Roasting Pan
Sauce Pan.png Sauce Pan
Sheet Pan.png Sheet Pan
(Rank 2)

Dryad's Leaf.png Dryad's Leaf

Elven Quickblade.png Elven Quickblade
Elven Teapot.png Elven Teapot

Blender.png Blender

Juicer.png Juicer
Microwave.png Microwave
(Rank 3)

Petrified Heartwood.png Petrified Heartwood

Briar Rose.png Briar Rose
Enchanted Infuser.png Enchanted Infuser
Golden Scale.png Golden Scale

Waffle Iron.png Waffle Iron

Pizza Stone.png Pizza Stone
Skillet.png Skillet
(Rank 4)

Beehive Log.png Beehive Log

Fermentation Jug.png Fermentation Jug
Mushroom Log.png Mushroom Log
Sugar Spinning Wheel.png Sugar Spinning Wheel

Griddle.png Griddle

Mixer.png Mixer
Stock Pot.png Stock Pot
(Rank 5)

Grill.png Grill

Ice Cream Churn.png Ice Cream Churn
Stovetop.png Stovetop
(Rank 6)

Moonlight Coffin.png Moonlight Coffin

Sunstone.png Sunstone

We're still working to find all the trades, so please contribute data if you have it! Contact Kiena if you don't want to edit the wiki yourself.

If completed: Ahaha! Success! Much simpler than I anticipated. Here, would you give this a test run for me?

If declined: Minor setbacks cannot stop experimentation, you know! I will work this out later.

A Royal Request

"Look at me! I am losing my leaves already."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Oh, (username), it- I am glad- right. Well, I am. I am in a bit of a tight spot. The Princess has asked me to examine an item of some magical significance for her. But I am not sure where her courier has gone. Would you please acquire it for me?

If completed: Bother, this will take some time. Please, for your trouble. I must see to this problem immediately.

If declined: Well, I will work it out some way or another. Back to work.

Mundane Solutions

"Nothing a little elbow grease cannot fix!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I am afraid some of my gear is falling apart. The hazards of the profession, I suppose. Might I trouble you for some parts to repair them?

If completed: Thank you, (username). Now if you will excuse me, I must get to work on this.

If declined: Not a problem. I am sure Alban will have something lying around...


"What I need is "A Dummy's Guide to Arcane Spells" but... she is not a dummy at all!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username), perhaps you could help me with a project I have been working on. I have been trying to develop a way to explain magical theory to the uninitiated, to better explain the more complex theorems to Sk- to someone. Would you please help me work out some study guides?

If completed: Perfect. I will just work out the final details now. Thank you, both of you! That was very helpful.

If declined: I suppose it would be easier to ensure the quality if I work alone on it.

Seed Stock

"This timing is impeccably bad."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Hm... Yes, I am sure of it now. A Phowl has gotten into my seed stock for sure. See the scorch marks and feathers? This is- I mean, it is not a total set back. I can make more seeds if I have some flowers to draw them from. But all my flowers are too fresh... (Username), do you have any old flowers you no longer need?

If completed: Ah! Yes, this will work perfectly. You are sure you are done with it? Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you going to the trouble, (username).

If declined: I-I did not mean to impose! It is quite all right if you do not! I can go out later to look for some seeds.

Too Much Jargon

"I see I must realign the leylines in here. Again."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Oh bother! The energies in this room are all befuddled. These projects will be ruined if I leave, but I simply must fix this. Would you gather some ingredients for me, please?

If completed: You are simply a treasure, (username). Thank you so much.

If declined: That is unfortunate. I will make do.

The Trees Have Eyes

"Someone's got to stay on watch."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username), please have a seat. This discussion concerns the Heart of the Forest. You see, the Wizards Three created unique spells to transform our ancestors into Elves, Dryads, and Avoreals to join with and protect the Enchanted Forest. For our part, Dryads keep the Forest rooted in reality. We cannot leave our trees - no, we do not want to, that is all right. Our trees are who we are. Still, I confess intrigue at your foreign land. If you share my interest, we could prepare a spell together?

If completed: The spell is complete! I thank you for gathering those necessary ingredients. Now, you can wear these to share your sight with the Dryads. We can choose to share our sight with you in return, should you have need.

If declined: Oh, right, that is perfectly all right. Yes. Sorry to bother you.


Dizzy Quest.png

Birds Of A Feather

"What a sweet kith you have... would they like to play?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Ooh ooh good! You're here. You can answer this! I've been wondering, do Kith from your home like the same things that ours do? Oh! OH! You've got a Kith! Would you show me?

If completed: Behold! Not so different after all. And your Kith is so cute! What a "tweet" pair you make. Eee!

If declined: If it's too much trouble that's okay.

Note: Awards 1 Guard.

It's Amazing!

"Aubergine: NERFED"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I heard you were sad that the Aubergine had some of the magic taken out of it! I could teach you how to fix it and make it amazing again... But you can't tell anyone or it will lose its magic! I'm kidding, but really, don’t tell anyone or I'll get in trouble.

If completed: AHAHA! Perfect! Nerf this Othidar! Hm? No no, this isn't for eating. It is for gloating over.

If declined: What? C'mon! It's way better then the boring old one you get from Othidar!

Odds And Ends

"I'm atwitter with stress. Look, I'm losing feathers!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Alban said they could get me some stuff for this project but! Ah! They're late! I dunno what to do! Can you run down to their place and get it for me? Please please please?

If completed: Oh you're a lifesaver, (username). Here, I didn't use these after all.

If declined: Oh. Um, okay. I'll figure something out!

The Rooster Crows For Thee

"So... tired..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Oh hey (username)... yawn... Long night. I feel like I'm gonna faceplant into my table.

If completed: Ohhhh, you're the best. Mmm, this looks so good. Thank you! Want my bedtime story? I don't need it anymore!

If declined: Cheep cheep... cheep-zzzz...

Spoonful Of Mischief

"Bucket over the door, maybe? It's an oldie but a goodie!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Eeheehee! I've got such a good idea! Want to help me prank Othidar? I just need a few things. You'll help, right?

If completed: Perfect! Time to strike his pantry. Here, have some!

If declined: Awww. Spoilsport. Just uh. Don't tell him what I'm planning, okay?

Well Aren't You Tweet

"I could really go for something sugary."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username)! I'm so glad to see you. Have you got anything sweet? I'm in a sugar crash, I need your help!

If completed: Thank you! Here, this is all I had in my pockets. Ahh, now I'll finally know how many licks it takes to get to the center.

If declined: World... growing dark... lack of... sugar...

What's This - What's This??

"Gotta refill my idea supply!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I really want to get some new designs going for the shop but I'm running low on ideas. Oh! Oh! Hey! You know that girl from your school? Would you bring me some of her stuff to play with? Distractions are what I need. Erk - I mean inspiration, of course!

If completed: Oh boy this gives me some GREAT ideas! Thank you, (username)! You're the best.

If declined: Aw, if you're busy that's okay. Maybe next time?

Worth Crowing About

"But does she actually play pipes? I'm so confused."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I heard that Piper girl made a game about our Forest? Aah! That's so cool! Can you try it? And tell me how it is! Please?

If completed: Come on then, tell me all the details! I wanna know everything!!

If declined: Ah! You're no fun at all, (username).


Othidar Quest.png

Cookbook Club

"So what's your favorite title?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Eh, this has to sit and simmer a while. What say you and your companion read a book with me, pass the time? Only practice makes for proper wisdom, after all.

If completed: There we are, all set. Here, I didn't need much of this bottle. Just don't drink it all at once! Haw!

If declined: Go scamper off elsewhere to play 'til it's done, then.

Eat Up, Friend

"What a sweet face they have!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Well now, your Kith looks a bit peckish. Go on then, mustn't let your friend go hungry! You neither, mind you, if you've got something for the kith and for you.

If completed: Haw haw! You two make a good set, and that's the truth.

If declined: ?

A Food By Any Other Name

"It can't be THAT different, can it?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username)! Good to see you. Say, indulge my curiosity. What do your people like to eat? Is it all the same as we use here? That seems the most likely guess, but so little seems to line up perfectly.

If completed: Interesting. I must attempt this tonight. What a clever combination. And you do this bit by hand? Fascinating!

If declined: Hrmph! Have it your way then.

Proper Way To Start The Day

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Oi, Tadpole, did you eat breakfast today? You should never skip meals when you can help it! Sigh. That's it. Here's a shopping list. Go get it filled, (username), and I'll make you something special.

If completed: Here we go, a proper breakfast for a growing Tadpole! Plenty for you and your Kith to share. Chow down!

If declined: You ate something else, then? You know, I've heard those from Hope think coffee alone is a proper meal and I strongly disagree!

Royal Gifts

"Better to stay on her good side, tadpole. Trust me."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Here's a tip for you. Need to get on Princess Celariel's good side in a hurry? Pretty, flashy things. Incidentally, got anything that fits that description?

If completed: My thanks, (username). I'll repay you before long, I'm sure, especially if you're staying in the Forest a while.

If declined: Fair enough. I made this bed, so I'll lie in it.

Spoonful Of... "Sugar"

"I love to cook with Moments. No, not Thyme: Time."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: You know what would REALLY spice up this dish? Go talk to Lenta for me. I'll show you something that would put color on even their face.

If completed: Mmm. Smell that? Incredible. Here, try it. Don't make that face; would I lie to you?

If declined: Next time, tadpole. Next time.

That's What Aprons Are For

"Well this is embarrassing."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Blast! These clothes are utterly beyond repair. Even Alban can't work their magic on this. It's hopeless!

If completed: Ah, (username), you're a blessing. Thank you. I swear, give me stained clothes and I would still manage to ruin them somehow.

If declined: Hrmph. I'll make do then. Thanks anyway, tadpole.

Toys For Tadpoles

"Just being neighborly."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I hear Alban is gathering toy donations again. They're always up to something good, that Alban. Were you intending to contribute?

If completed: See, now that is proper generosity at work. Good on ya, (username). Here, in the spirit of giving, take this.

If declined: Don't worry. They'll find you later and ask again.

What's She Done Now?

"It's just a feeling in the air, you know? I know she's done something..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I'd stake my hat Dizzy's been in here, that little feathered miscreant. Mind helping me tidy up the place? Whatever it is she's done, we can find it together. What say you?

If completed: Hrmph. Not finding anything is NOT necessarily an indicator that there was nothing to find. Still, on the bright side, the kitchen's clean as a whistle. Here, as my thanks for your trouble.

If declined: If I find you're collaborating with her...


Skyler Quest.png

Blanket Fort

"Miranda shared this ritual with me before she left."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: It's closing time. When Miranda was here, she liked to build a nest out of blankets and pillows to read in. It’s a ritual of friendship that’s really comfy!

If completed: Mmm, thanks, (username)… (yawn)… Now I’m all sleepy… Are you still awake? How about you take this home to finish?

If declined: Okay, I’ll be up in the rafters then. Good night!

Book Exchange

"Did you finish reading that already?"
If you’re all done with that, you should try a more advanced book on the same subject! I can trade you when you’re ready.
Common Uncommon Rare
Arithmetic.png Arithmetic Algebra.png Algebra
Geometry.png Geometry
Trigonometry.png Trigonometry
Calculus.png Calculus
English Grammar.png English Grammar
Literary Analysis.png Literary Analysis
Proper Citation.png Proper Citation
English Syntax.png English Syntax
English Vocabulary.png English Vocabulary
Languages of the Past.png Languages of the Past
Pre-Cataclysm Collection.png Pre-Cataclysm Collection
Theatrical Anthology.png Theatrical Anthology
Classical Mythology.png Classical Mythology
Introduction to Biology.png Introduction to Biology
Advanced Biology.png Advanced Biology
Introduction to Chemistry.png Introduction to Chemistry
Advanced Chemistry.png Advanced Chemistry
Introduction to Physics.png Introduction to Physics
Advanced Physics.png Advanced Physics
First Aid.png First Aid
Personal Health and Hygiene.png Personal Health and Hygiene
Human Anatomy.png Human Anatomy
Psychology.png Psychology
Manage Your Money.png Manage Your Money
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Book Exchange requires one book of a lower rarity tier and rewards with one book of a higher rarity tier in the same subject.
In cases where there is no uncommon book in a given subject, the reward will be the rare book in that subject. Rare books will infrequently be rewarded even when uncommon books exist.

If completed: Yay, learning!!

If declined: Oops, oh, oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you weren’t done with that one yet.

Crowning Achievement

"The flower petals used to blanket the ground."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I love it here in Hope but I do miss all the flowers from back home... I used to be able to collect them by the wingful.

If completed: These...are for me? Oh! Oh thank you! Here! Wait just a moment! I want to make you something!

If declined: The gardens here are lovely, I'm still just more used to a wild look.

Note: Awards 1 Guard.

Do Not Consume The Knowledge

"…(books aren’t food)"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: …why… do Kith… eat… books…

If completed: Oh, your Kith looks all fed! That is good. Um… Would you like this slightly chewed book? I don’t think I can sell it anymore..

If declined: …(sobs)

Expect the Unexpected

"...(be careful with food and drink around books)"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Accidents happen... so the store has a rule that only water is allowed around the books. That’s fine by me, though. Water tastes the best.

If completed: For me? (Username)... (thanks)

If declined: The roof keeps the books dry, but I’m not used to it… when I was thirsty in the Forest, there was always some dew around.

Hungry For More Than Knowledge

Introduction: ?

Continuation: …(too many people) …too many… please stop! Stop!! Get in line! …(it’s so busy, I haven’t even had a lunch break…)

If completed: Oh! This is what Miranda really likes, isn’t it? It looks good... ah! AH! SPICY!!

If declined: Please! Get in line!!

Paper Airplane

"...(ripping up books for a game is such a waste)"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: ...um. I realize it’s.. messy in here. The Kith have been playing games with pages torn from the books. At least they bought them first?

If completed: That should fix it! Thank you! You’re a good helper!

If declined: Who knew paper could be so destructive?

Pssst! The Books Have Something To Say!

"We need more flowers in here! Tee hee! Eep, don't look over here!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Did you see that? Robin’s behind that bookshelf, pretending to be a book. That’s cute! I wish I was a book sometimes too. Book-Robin says the store could use some flowers to look nice. I think that sounds pretty! The Enchanted Forest always had lots of flowers around. What do you think, Shaula?

If completed: How beautiful! Thank you, Shaula. Book-Robin was right about how lovely the store looks with flowers!

If declined: …(must be because I’m so used to the Enchanted Forest)

Shelving Ideas

"Am I using the shelves too much...?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username)... (can you help me please?) The shelves are getting old, and I want to reinforce them with better materials, but Nicholas said we don’t have the Shards for it in the budget right now.

If completed: What a good student you are! Helping the University store! Here, for your classes.

If declined: …(maybe I should stop hanging off the shelves so much)


""Where did I put those books?""
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (something something lost books, "I don't want to get in trouble with the Headmaster for doing a bad job. I really want to be able to stay here." something something)

If completed: (something something "Silly books, I know you want to get read but you have to wait your turn,")

If declined: I wonder if they got left up in the rafters again, I better go look...

Note: still need exact text for start and completed

Coral Reef

Coral Reef NPCs Hourlies


Dione Quest.png

Indecent Exposure

"I'm not asking for black tie fashion, you know?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Hmph! You know what I just don't understand, (username)? Why, oh why, is Ogenus SO against wearing clothes? It's not like I'm asking him to bundle up from fin to tail! Would it kill him to be a LITTLE more clothed, even if it were only every now and then?

If completed: Oooh... You know what, this is a great idea. He'd probably like this WAY better. Good thinking!

If declined: I know! I'm at a loss too!

Warm Food, Warm Heart

"It gets chilly down deep underwater…"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: What I wouldn’t give for something warm and tasty! Brrr! Your land has such delicious food, (username)… freshly cooked… mmm…

If completed: For me? Why, thank you! MMM! (Username), you’re as heartwarming as your food is!

If declined: Now I feel cold AND hungry…

Note: observed requirements so far: tomato soup, oatmeal, vegetable stew, beef stew, mug cakes

No One Likes a Pushy Betta

"I mean he's usually pushy, that's sort of just how he is, but this is a new level."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Mrgh. Shay's been demanding new clothes for his Kith, but they don't even WEAR clothes. So I figure it must be for him, but he's being very pushy, and I don't know what his deal is, but to be quite honest, it doesn't make me want to help him very much.

If completed: Ohohoho, he'll HATE this. Which makes it an excellent choice, thank you! Here, oopsie, looks like I “accidentally” spilled something on it too, what a shame…

If declined: Mrrr, I'm sure I'll come up with something good. Just gotta think...

Not A Fate Flower

"She keeps plucking the petals thinking she'll get a different outcome..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Hm... Tethys has been so blue lately. I want to help, but I'm not sure what to do! Maybe something to brighten up her little shop? Bring some color to her world again, you know?

If completed: (Username)! This is perfect! I love it. Thank you so much!! I know Tethys will love the flowers.

If declined: ?


Ogenus Quest.png

Lookit Those Little Faces

"It's like having tiny sea mice. Honestly, I might as well not have a pantry at all."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Every mating season, it's always the same spiel: "O Ogenus, we must lay our eggs in the deepest, darkest place so they'll hatch safe and healthy!" And every time, the little troublemakers eat through all my reserves. Would you mind running groceries down here for me? ...I can't really leave them unattended, is all.

If completed: You have my deepest gratitude, (username). So many teething mouths to feed, like little fish nibbling me to death.

If declined: Well, all right, then... Can you at least let Tethys know I need her help? Soon? Please?

Shay: MIA

"It's not often I lose track of him, but I suppose he got lost categorizing his paint bottles again or something..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Hrmmmm... I asked Shay for a model a little while ago, but he hasn't been by since. I thought for sure I'd have seen him by now but... Nothing. And I really want to work out what that contraption was used for... Could you swim by and pick it up from him, perhaps?

If completed: Excellent! Give me a moment, I'll need to puzzle this out...

If declined: Alas. It must remain a mystery for now.

Feed Me Seymour

"They get a bit pushy, is all. Mind your fingers and toes and wiggly bits."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: My Amourtis are getting a bit bored of Shay's toys. We really ought to do something about that before it's too late. Trust me, you wouldn't like them when they're bored.

If completed: Oh, yes, they’ll love these! Quick thinking, (username). Would you like to stay for feeding time? It’s an incomparable sight.

If declined: To be honest I don't like them when they're bored either. Alas. Be careful, next time you come by!

Note: Awards 1 Speed. The quest title refers to the movie "Little Shop of Horrors."

I'm Always Decent

"I happen to be a very polite merman, thank you very much."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: No! None of this "decency" nonsense. Now, I have only the greatest respect for Dione, but I want her to stop trying to give me clothes. They always end up damaged down here anyway from all the junk and grime.

If completed: …Okay, yes, this lets me clean up, but that's not... Listen, you're taking away my excuses. Why. Why are you taking away my excuses.

If declined: Aha! You see? You agree with me, don't you! It's very silly to put me in a "scarf" or a "shirt." Utterly ridiculous.

Under Lock and Bone

"Why did the pirate make a key of bone? No, sorry, that’s not the setup for a joke, I’m thinking aloud."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: (Username), can you keep a secret? At the very back of the Seabed’s old ship bones, there’s a sealed chamber with hundreds of tiny locked boxes… I could share my findings, if someone were to have a key that fit.

If completed: (something something "how boring a box of shards" -- will grab next time i get the quest)

If declined: ?

Note: this quest appears to only be available at Friendly and above!


Shay Quest.png

Overworking is Universal

"When was the last time I ate? Um. I'll have to think that over. I don't recall."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I've been so busy lately... Would you mind delivering a meal? Hm? Oh, no, it doesn't need to be a particular color. Ahem. It's for me, actually.

If completed: (Username), I must say, you are greatly appreciated and hardly troublesome at all. Er. I suppose what I mean is, thank you.

If declined: No, it's fine. I'll call Dione. She wouldn't let me go belly up.

Can Flowers Drown?

"Listen: it's an OR scenario not AND, so please don't bring me anything green. That gets old very fast."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Listen. (username). I have a favor to ask. It's Keraion and Aeolipile. They've been asking me to get flowers (as if I can do that when I have work to do here) but they HAVE to be blue or yellow, okay? Can you help me with this? Specifically: blue or yellow!

If completed: I can't tell you how grateful I am to have someone so helpful, who listens to explicit instructions. Thank you.

If declined: No, that's fine, truly. I'd rather get it right or not at all.


"Sometimes if I'm really stuck I'll go down to Ogenus' cave. Get some new thoughts churning."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: When I'm really stuck for ideas, I like to take old things that aren't as useful anymore and make them into something new. I mean - not quite like what Ogenus does. Ogenus is kind of on a different level.

If completed: Ah! This gives me some very interesting ideas. Hold that thought. I'll be right back.

If declined: Oh, ehm, sorry. Did I bore you?

Note: Awards 1 Power.

Raised Eyebrows

Introduction: ?

Continuation: Say, um, (username), have you got any little hairs lying around? I-I MEAN, NOT IN A... weird way? I guess? Ugh. Nevermind...

If completed: This is perfect! (username), thank you. I um, appreciate you not thinking I'm any weirder than you may have already. At least, not enough to make you refuse.

If declined: Yes, um, that's fair. That was a uniquely weird request. Sorry...

Unwanted Advice

"What's wrong with my decor, anyway? I like looking orderly!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Hn. I have been pestered repeatedly about "updating my home" and "redecorating with something new." It isn't that simple! It has to be perfect, otherwise having it here will just irk me. And yet no one seems capable of comprehending that obvious fact!

If completed: Uh. Well that's... that's not so bad. Give that here, would you? I'll see if I can't use that. Thank you, (username). You've saved me several very annoying conversations! I appreciate it.

If declined: Maybe if I get some new things that look like the old ones, that will satisfy them, but it'll still look the way I want it to. What do you think?

Initial Here, Here, and Here

"I don't have grading rubrics - would that help to have on hand? Let me see your report cards!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I know objectively that what I'm making isn't bad, but now and then it's very frustrating. I don't suppose I could burden you to give one of my products a test run, could I?

If completed: I suppose it would be a lot less stressful if one isn’t concerned with the colors matching. Well, to each their own. But this gave me some very useful feedback. Thank you. And, eh, thank your Kith for me as well?

If declined: No? Eh, perhaps I'll ask Ogenus. I'm sure he'd oblige me. The newborns might be old enough to play with toys by now.


Tethys Quest.png

Under the Sun

"At least the Everstorm was expressive!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: Monotony! Drudgery! Perfect weather, warm and breezy, always the same sunny sky above - it's enough to make me yearn for the passionate torment of the Everstorm. If only there was something new, something special, to darken my days...

If completed: What's this? A taste of enchantment from a land with no sky at all! Sniffle... (username), you always know just how to reach my wounded soul and mend my heartbreak!

If declined: Alas! I knew I was doomed to this fate! Bored to tears! Wahh!

Note: Awards 1 Guard.


"Was that you I heard on the beach?"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I heard a beautiful sound calling from the beach right before the Everstorm cleared! Was that you? Did you hear my echoes?

If completed: I knew it! I knew that my singing would reach someone out there! Have you been to my store yet? Here, have a free sample!

If declined: ?

Plate of Your World

"...my wish is for dishes not made of fishes..."
Introduction: ?

Continuation: I've always dreamed about what might be out there, beyond my waters... So many tasty dishes to try... My heart weeps to think of all the flavors I'll never know!

If completed: GASP! For me?! Ohh! (Username), you sunrise of revelation! This is the most gracious act of tenderness I've ever been shown! I feel a song coming on!

If declined: WEEPS, I say... wehh... sniffle...


"Woe! My kitchen has joined my heart! IN BEING BROKEN!"
Introduction: ?

Continuation: WAHHH! (username)! Look at this! My kitchen is falling to pieces all around me, just like my heart! How can I go on like this? Broken and defeated... I may as well beach myself now! Let the sun burn my delicate skin, for it has become only an empty shell with no love inside... no love and no cooking tools...

If completed: Can it be? O (username), my hero! My sweet font of courage and determination! How many dastardly pirates did you have to battle to retrieve this shiny new tool for me? Ah! I can only imagine! A chef as brave and bold as you are should adventure beyond my mere tools in the Shipwrecked Kitchen! Here, you can have my skeleton key! Don't lose it!

If declined: Sniffle... weh... no! I know how to cheer myself up, I'll just eat some raw ingredients. Sniffle. The squirmy ones always manage to make me smile...

Shadow Stage

Shadow Stage NPCs Hourlies

Cosmic Solarium

Cosmic Solarium NPCs Hourlies

Golden Colosseum

Golden Colosseum NPCs Hourlies

Snow Globe

Snow Globe NPCs Hourlies

Retired Quests

Due to changes from events, some quests have been changed or retired.

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