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There are three types of inventory pages, where you can collect items as you explore the Tattered Weave: the main Inventory, the Gallery, and the Locker.

The main Inventory is where all items go when you first collect them. Other users cannot see your Inventory. You can sort items by their type, as shown below. Click on an item to learn more about it or to use it. Each item’s usability will change based on what type of item it is.

The Gallery is where you can show off any collection of items. Other users can see whatever you put on this page, unless you have Blocked them.

The Locker is a safe storage area for any items that you don’t want cluttering up your Inventory. Other users and any characters in the Tattered Weave cannot see your Locker. You cannot use items while they are in your Locker. 

Food: Any items that a Kith can consume. 

Books: Any items that a Kith can read. 

Toys: Any items that a Kith can play with. 

Clothes: Any items that you can wear in your Dressing Room. All three inventory pages can be accessed from your Dressing Room, so don’t be afraid to wear your favorite outfit and show it off in the Gallery if you feel fashionable! 

Items: Any items that do not fall into the other categories are sorted here. 

Event: Any items that can be earned and used during Events or Games are sorted here. Remember that Event items can only be used during their correlating Event, so use them while you still can!

If you ever want to “delete” and item out of your inventory, click the Donate to Lycus button on the item dropdown menu. Your item will be sent to Lycus at the University Lab, where other users can choose to take it for themselves, or Lycus will delete the item after 24 hours.

Remember that Staff can see your inventory, no matter what page it is on. If you notice any glitches or duplicate items, please report it in the Technical Support Forum. Purposefully exploiting a glitch is considered a misuse of the site and can result in a frozen account.