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Iris Neutral.png

Iris is the first Kith who emerged from the Tatters and she now watches over them. She has a curious personality, liking crafted items, the harder and rarer the craft the better. Nicholas is her human partner.



Story Involvement

Seasonal Portraits

During Pal-entine's Day in 2017, the user Sefria traded Iris a pink Tattertint, which she used to temporarily alter her colors. According to staff, this was not pre-planned and was prompted by the trade itself.

Pink-Iris returned for Palentine's 2018 under the guise of Love-Bug and ran a Palentine's themed store. It is assumed 'Love-Bug' will be the continuing face of Palentine's.



  • It’s a great day for an adventure.
  • Alliances don’t always work out, and that’s all right. Solitary Kith nest here for a week to look for a new Ally that might be a better fit.
  • We’ve finally found something real, something whole, after searching for so long through the Tatters.
  • Greetings and salutations, (username). I’m Iris. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
  • Unless they’ve been allied with another student before, most Kith are like children, young and naive. Your actions will shape their future.


  • An Alliance can mean different things to different people. Duty, friendship, love, understanding, respect - whatever it may be, it's a special bond.
  • Building a relationship is the most important craft there is.
  • (username)! How wonderful to see you again! Please, come and stay with us for a while.
  • I'm learning so much from Nicholas and all of his wonderful friends. This is more than I could have ever hoped for.
  • Do what makes you happy!


  • Everyone needs a break now and then. Don't worry, your friends will understand and welcome you back when you're ready.
  • Students are supposed to learn from their teachers, but I think you can learn by teaching, too.
  • Out in the Tattered Weave, there is no light or darkness. I much prefer the soft shadows of your ‘nighttime’ to that.
  • We learn something new every day, whether we recognize it or not.
  • Good friends like you are hard to find, (username).


  • There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little wider, and live a little better.
  • I’d rather walk into the unknown with a friend than stay behind by myself.
  • I cannot speak for all Kith, but… I was drawn to this remnant of Hope because that is what I felt here: Hope. Your people were saved by the heroic actions of one who hoped for life and learning to continue. That is the kind of person I would want for a friend.
  • I’m overjoyed to see that you and your Kith are getting along well, (username)!
  • There are so many ways to express yourself through art! I hope every artist finds their art form.