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Jay, which is short for Jessica, runs the General Store. She has a stoic personality, liking unpleasant or seemingly weird/difficult items to consume. She rents out space to Piper for the Arcade, hoping it'll teach her some good life lessons, but the noise and mess from the young gamers has Jay frazzled.[1]

Jay also helps Piper paint the cabinets for the Arcade machines.



Story Involvement



  • Hi there. What can I get for you? These shelves carry most of what you need, outside of school supplies. If you can’t find it here, try using the Search feature.
  • Oh, jeez, not again. This is why I’m a reseller. I can’t keep a plant alive no matter how I try.
  • ‘Scuse the mess. People keep bumping into the shelves and spilling everything.
  • Yawn…‘scuse me. Getting up before dawn every day is tiring when Piper runs the Arcade at all hours. I need coffee.
  • Just call me Jay.


  • Time is money, you know! That's why it's best to do things right away, rather than putting them off.
  • If I have to hear one more sappy bit of nonsense from that boy, I’ll put him on cereal probation…
  • (username), good to see you back. What’re you looking for today?
  • Don’t believe everything you read. Robin’s a perfect example of a well-meaning gossip who doesn’t fact-check anything before blurting it out.
  • Sweets are great, but don’t forget to eat healthy food to keep up your well-being.


  • At last, a customer! Sorry, I've been chasing those pesky Kith away from my store all day. It gets tiresome.
  • Here, (username), let me get a bag for you. Do you need any help carrying things?
  • Time is money, you know! And I like spending it on you, (username).
  • Well, if it isn’t (username)! It’s good to see you again. How’re you doing?
  • I could really use some coffee right now. Well, to be fair, I could probably use coffee all the time. Mm, coffee.


  • Hey, (username). What brings you back again so soon? I'm starting to think you have ulterior motives.
  • Mmm, candy…
  • (Username), you spoil me. You’re so sweet.
  • Are you my coffee? ‘Cause I like you a latte.
  • It warms my heart to see the community flourishing under Nic’s guidance. I always knew he’d make a wonderful leader.