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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Kosmas is the Mystic of Winter of the Golden Colosseum. He works in the Temple of Memory.

Site Description

Though the Mystic of Winter may seem extremely young, he insists that he has an old, world-weary soul. With his former mentor casting a big shadow, Kosmas has a lot to prove. Luckily, his sharp mind and promising battlefield skills make him a valuable guardian for the Temple of Memory, and his experienced Kith Sophos helps him out.



Shop Dialogue


  • Kosmas comes by to visit Chrysa all the time to "study prophecies," but I think she's mostly teaching him how to scowl. Go do more Quests, part the mists, and tell me if you agree!


  • Quintina needs to stop worrying about me in the Arenas. She's not THAT much older than me - and anyway, I've already picked out my replacement in case I'm slain in battle, so it's fine.
  • All of these new myths are internally inconsistent...
  • The people from your Remnant need to stop treating me like an infant. I'm already double digits.
  • Stop coddling me.
  • I'm going to do everything right - you'll see!


  • The last Mystic of Winter was so good in battle, she was practically ancient when she died. I mean, she and her husband were in their late thirties.
  • Quintina is already practically as good as Timaios was, and someday, I'm going to be just as good as Menodora.
  • Does Quintina seem... sad today?
  • The origin story from that Remnant is WHAT? Nuh-uh! That contradicts everything!
  • I train with Valeria every single day. She says I'm already showing great promise as a soldier on the battlefield.


  • Are you going to tell me more of the myths from your Remnant?
  • I did a great job helping out a squadron on the battlefield today, (Username)! Were you there, too? Did you see?
  • Even if the myths don't always match up, I'm glad we have a way to remember.
  • Quintina and I used to make vases together with Menodora and Timaios all the time, back when they were alive.
  • Menodora was an amazing mentor. Everyone says that she and her husband were a sight to behold on the battlefield.
  • Timaios and Menodora aren't gone, not really. Quintina and I visit their constellation to honor our fallen family every night.
  • It's going to take a long time to untangle all the secrets of the past, but I know I'm going to get to the bottom of it all someday.
  • My Kith Sophos gives unparalleled advice.
  • Maybe after I'm done with my duties as Mystic, we could study some of those games that you were telling me about, (Username)… That's a form of training too, right?
  • I'm trying to create a constellation of your Goddess of Wisdom… It's harder to capture the right starlight without having felt her blessing for myself.


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