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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Kyprian is the Commander of the Cosmic Solarium. He works in the Bridge Archives.

Site Description

The charismatic Commander Kyprian has been the leader of the Cosmic Solarium ever since the alien attack that killed his predecessor and left him fatally wounded. Now rebuilt as a cyborg, the young Commander does his best to keep up morale, frequently turning to historical books about Earth for guidance. Unfortunately, his ideals often need to be compromised by reality, a fact that the jaded Elliot is all too happy to point out in vicious detail. Very few civilians are granted access to the Bridge Archives where they can purchase limited copies of his carefully-preserved holo-books.



Shop Dialogue


  • I think that contact with your Remnant is a great opportunity to raise morale. Wouldn’t you say so?
  • Ah - is the Bridge Crew giving you any difficulties? I’m sure we can smooth it all over!
  • As you can well see, I am quite fascinated by Earth history books. You’re more than welcome to peruse my collection while I work.
  • I do hate to trouble you, but Kith have restricted access to the Bridge - we wouldn’t want any security concerns. If your friend could wait just outside, we’d be ever so obliged.
  • I do hope that your opinion of our fine Solarium isn’t being lessened by a certain… embittered individual in the Core. As you can see, we have so much to offer.


  • Have you heard from Ell- ah, from Mr. Grant recently? I only ask because the Bridge Crew has some questions about the timeline for his upcoming resource shipment, of course. Would you… keep me appraised?
  • My cybernetics? Yes, they are indeed fashioned from Core materials. The Bridge Crew has offered me Crust technology upgrades, but… Ha, well, I wouldn’t spare our resources for something as personal as that.
  • Your Kith does seem to be helpful rather than harmful… Perhaps I can convince the rest of the Bridge Crew to make a one-time exception to the security restrictions? Surely we can arrange something.
  • (USERNAME), have you had the opportunity to view this captivating volume about Earth? Do let me know what you thought of it.
  • (USERNAME), thank you for visiting. Do let me know if you if you have any questions about the societies of the Earth's Golden Age.


  • I do wonder if the Bridge Crew might ever consider Kith Alliances to be a viable resource. Despite the alien attack, it seems that so much might be learned! I’ve read some fascinating reports by Ms. Del Bosque.
  • Of course I’m eating enough. It’s simply that we had some additional resource shortages, and I do hate to ask the crew to undergo rationing. I don’t mind skipping a meal or three to keep up morale...
  • Pardon me, I simply need to make a small, straightforward adjustment. My cybernetics do bother me a bit sometimes, but truly, it’s no trouble at all. There’s no need to mention it to... to anyone.
  • Sometimes it feels as though I lived an entirely different life before the alien attack. So much lost - That is, the Solarium lost so much. But we can always keep moving forward!
  • What's that? I seem tired? No more so than usual, haha. (USERNAME)... do your thoughts ever keep you awake at night?


  • I suppose that I do hold myself to an unrealistic standard sometimes. But Elliot puts himself at such risk to gather resources for the Solarium. Surely I should sacrifice at least as much, given that I must ask that of him.
  • I would never confess it to my Bridge Crew, but... Sometimes, I almost think that I can hear the Ulusives singing in my dreams. Surely such beautiful creatures couldn’t have been responsible for the alien attack? But I suppose betrayal can come from unexpected sources.
  • The trade from other Remnants has been such a relief, even if it does not yet constitute a permanent solution for us. I have to believe that we shall find a habitable planet for the Solarium to colonize, one day. Surely, surely one is out there. We only need find it, so Elliot... So that none of us ever need rely on the Black Hole for resources again.
  • You seem capable of talking to Elliot without provoking his rage... Forgive my intrusion, (USERNAME), but... is he well? Has his condition been progressing much? Does... does he ever seem happy?
  • (USERNAME)... Do you ever wish that you could go back in time? Just to change some of the choices that you made... Or to confess feelings that you never dared to express...


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