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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Kyprian is the Commander of the Cosmic Solarium. He works in the Bridge Archives.

Site Description




Shop Dialogue


  • I think that contact with your Remnant is a great opportunity to raise morale. Wouldn’t you say so?
  • Ah - is the Bridge Crew giving you any difficulties? I’m sure we can smooth it all over!
  • As you can well see, I am quite fascinated by Earth history books. You’re more than welcome to peruse my collection while I work.
  • I do hate to trouble you, but Kith have restricted access to the Bridge - we wouldn’t want any security concerns. If your friend could wait just outside, we’d be ever so obliged.
  • I do hope that your opinion of our fine Solarium isn’t being lessened by a certain… embittered individual in the Core. As you can see, we have so much to offer.


  • Have you heard from Ell- ah, from Mr. Grant recently? I only ask because the Bridge Crew has some questions about the timeline for his upcoming resource shipment, of course. Would you… keep me appraised?
  • My cybernetics? Yes, they are indeed fashioned from Core materials. The Bridge Crew has offered me Crust technology upgrades, but… Ha, well, I wouldn’t spare our resources for something as personal as that.
  • Your Kith does seem to be helpful rather than harmful… Perhaps I can convince the rest of the Bridge Crew to make a one-time exception to the security restrictions? Surely we can arrange something.
  • (USERNAME), have you had the opportunity to view this captivating volume about Earth? Do let me know what you thought of it.
  • (USERNAME), thank you for visiting. Do let me know if you if you have any questions about the societies of the Earth's Golden Age.


  • I do wonder if the Bridge Crew might ever consider Kith Alliances to be a viable resource. Despite the alien attack, it seems that so much might be learned! I’ve read some fascinating reports by Ms. Del Bosque.
  • Of course I’m eating enough. It’s simply that we had some additional resource shortages, and I do hate to ask the crew to undergo rationing. I don’t mind skipping a meal or three to keep up morale...
  • Pardon me, I simply need to make a small, straightforward adjustment. My cybernetics do bother me a bit sometimes, but truly, it’s no trouble at all. There’s no need to mention it to... to anyone.
  • Sometimes it feels as though I lived an entirely different life before the alien attack. So much lost - That is, the Solarium lost so much. But we can always keep moving forward!
  • What's that? I seem tired? No more so than usual, haha. (USERNAME)... do your thoughts ever keep you awake at night?



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