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Lenta is a Dryad and a resident of the Enchanted Forest. They run Magic For Sale, where they sell various magical ingredients and cleaning supplies. They are allied with the licorne Valon.



Story Involvement

During the 2017 June Event, Lenta contacted Lycus Artois via a scrying spell, [1] and the two teamed up to search for another remnant that may have survived within the Tattered Weave.



  • I am usually busy filling orders for our Princess- but if you have questions, please ask.
  • I am sure Alban has already welcomed you with open branches- but, even so. Welcome to our Forest.
  • Do not touch that-! Yes. Much of my stock is, ah. Delicate. Please, tell me if you need something specific.
  • If you need ingredients of a magical nature, I can provide. If you seek more mundane ingredients? Look for Othidar. I cannot - I mean - he can better help you with those.
  • Ah! Oh. Hello. My name is Lenta. May I help you?


  • Your Kith looks so different from ours. Do you two get along well?
  • I apologize - it is a bit untidy in here still. Dizzy came through earlier- I have not yet cleaned. Or- well. Not to my satisfaction, that is.
  • (username), yes- hello. Is there some- Is there anything you need?
  • If you see- ahaha! Pay no mind to my Kith, Valon, on your way out, she often lounges on the deck while I clean.
  • Oh, I-I apologize, I was - absorbed - in my work, that is. It is good to see you.


  • Othidar always has much advice to share with me. I did not imagine - when I began working with Princess Celariel, I mean - I did not imagine he would help me to- or, rather, that he would teach me how to talk to and work with her.
  • Those of us who study - those of us who dabble, in magic, that is - we research the Withering as much as possible. I did not- I never imagined we would learn - in my lifetime! - that others had also survived. It really is remarkable.
  • Hello (username). How are you doing today?
  • Dizzy told me a terrible joke the other day. She was about to go- she said, "Well, guess it's time for me to leaf!" Ugh. She is a handful, but- Well. I suppose I am glad she does not always... "leaf" me alone.
  • Truly, (username)- your help is always appreciated. Your - kindness and compassion does not- ah, what I mean is. It does not go unnoticed. Thank you.


  • It is a pleasure to see you again, (username). I always enjoy your visits. You should- It would be- good, if you visited even more often.
  • (username), I very much believe you are so kind and sweet as to make buds bloom in winter. I do not know how you do it! No magic I know can explain it.
  • I do hope- well. I suppose it does not matter. I am glad you are here. I just hope that your people coming here does not mean- or- indicate, that... That something is happening to the Heart of the Forest.
  • I worry about Dizzy sometimes. Is she getting enough sleep? It is difficult to- rather, it is hard to do good work when you are not well-rested.
  • Would you like to see what I have been working on, (username)? I think it is rather special, if I say so myself. Which- ahaha! Well, I suppose I did!