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Lycus Artois runs the University Lab and likes to perform all sorts of scientific experiments. He has an impulsive personality, liking destructive, unhealthy, and dangerous items.

Nicholas is his father and Piper is his little sister. He helps Piper with her Arcade machines, doing a lot of the inside machine work with their mother.



Story Involvement

Following his discovery of the Enchanted Forest (which involved him entering the Tatters against the wishes of his father), Lycus was grounded for an indeterminate period of time. Ever since the initial experiment that discovered the Enchanted Forest, Lycus's lab hosts an experiment bar that, when filled, releases an exclusive item. This has included such things as lab coats and special toys like Dr. Stuffy.

On April 25/26 an event known as 'The Mossening' [1] took place where a user sent Lycus some mending moss from the Enchanted Forest and it proceeded to cover the lab. The event ended with Lycus trying to dispose of the moss as quickly as possible, giving the players event exclusive items; Moss Muffin and Moss-Away. During this time, Lycus's lab was covered in moss. Lycus_Moss.Png

During the 2017 June Event, Lycus teamed up with Lenta to try and figure out more about the Tatters.[2] Users were asked to suggest ways of exploring the Tatters.

Lycus briefly owned a Kith during this event as a user sent their Tattered Bumblebunee, Rusty, to Lycus's lab for experimentation. [3] The lab supposedly caught on fire due to Rusty's antics, and users rushed to send Lycus water to put the fire out. Iris then appeared, confiscating Rusty and returning the kith to their previous owner, untattered. Iris mentioned to Lycus that he was not yet allowed to get his own Kith because he's not ready. Lycus was rather disheartened by this scolding.

Eventually Lycus and Lenta decided to try sound as a way of navigating the Tatters, creating the Enchanted Sonar which was used to unlock the Everstorm.

In order to explore the dangerous storm, Lycus was given Dryad Eyes so Lenta could see what he sees, and created the Siren's Body Paint out of Shadow Elixir that allowed the wearer to breath underwater. With this the storm was explored and it was found that Tailoring made the storm push back. Due to the combined work of Lenta and Lycus, the Coral Reef was then unlocked.



  • Watch out, I’m trying to do science.
  • Has… someone been going around telling people I don’t have eyes..? That’s… a strange rumor..
  • Hmm… Do.. do you have a Kith with you? Can I run an experiment?
  • H-hey, what are you doing here? Don’t disturb my studies unless it’s important…
  • C..lose the… door. I can’t let… sunlight… in here.. Too tired… Must.. resist… sleep…


  • Hey, take a look at this! What do you mean, 'what is it'? Well... I don't know, exactly, okay? But it must be important... Only important science glows in the dark!
  • Yes… this will prove everything… just wait and see.. hehehe…
  • You’ve been… very helpful. Are.. are you interested in my research?
  • O-oh, it’s.. you again. Hello.
  • If.. you find anything… that you don’t want… you can bring it to me…


  • I'm taking notes on science! I-I swear! Don't look! ...I said not to look... D-don't tell Miranda, okay? I only wanted to read her favorite books.
  • Thanks for all your help… Have you come to further my research?
  • It’s… (username), right? Have you been studying the Kith for me?
  • Oh, good, you’re back.. Can you take notes on this next test with me?
  • Hm? No, I don’t always wear my lab coat and glasses… I trust you know what you’re doing, unlike some students around here. You’ve never made anything explode in my face.


  • (username), you and your Kith have been so helpful... how can I ever repay you? Oh! I-I can make you a lab assistant! Do you want to be m-my lab assistant?
  • I love you… science.
  • There’s nothing more exciting than proving what you’ve learned…
  • YES! I’ve done it for sure this time! This research will be my legacy!
  • Oh! (username)! Have you come to join forces with me and learn the secrets of the Kith?!