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Full name Marcus Agathon Januarius Gaulthier Smith, Marcus is a pirate from the Coral Reef with an affinity for books and adventure. Marcus' first appearance was in the August 2017 Event, in which he and his kith, X, were found by Lycus in an old shipwreck, where they had been trapped for a long time. Together they found a chest full of treasure, and returned to Hope, where Marcus spent some time with Lycus in the University Lab. Later, in Student Exchange, Marcus joined Miranda in Campus Supplies. In New Store: Treasured Books, Miranda left to open Treasured Books, and Marcus was left in charge of Campus Supplies.

After Miranda decided to return to Hope post March 2018 Event [1], Marcus returned to the Coral Reef to take over Treasured Books in her place.

Story Involvement



  • Please, come in! The sun's really hot without any shade. Or maybe I'm just not used to the warm weather yet!
  • Hi there! Me name's Marcus. Marcus Agathon Januarius Gaulthier Smith. But, uh, please call me Marcus.
  • Hey there! Sorry about the mess. It seems like no matter how far I go from the Coral Reef, there's always more sand coming off me clothes...
  • Isn't this exchange program great? I've found so many new books to treasure! And I'll bet Miranda's having fun in the sun at the Coral Reef.
  • Oh hello! I don't have a map of this place drawn up yet, but if anything catches yer eye, ya just let me know, all right?


  • Yer back! Tell me more about yer swashbuckling adventures, will ya? It sounds interesting.
  • S'good to see ya after that storm. Thanks again, by the way. Unbelievable stuff, huh? Never thought we'd see other human survivors.
  • Hey there, buddy! Have ya been down into the Depths of the Coral Reef? I wonder how they're doin' down there.
  • I've been keepin' me eyes peeled for more storms, but so far... these skies seem pretty clear. We might just be all right.
  • Lookin' for anything special? I've got some good reads in right now, if yer interested.


  • Have ya seen a message in a bottle 'round here recently? I drew up a map of Hope, but I put it away for safekeeping and now I've lost it...
  • (username). It's good to see ya again, buddy. Ya gonna be in town long?
  • Haven't got much in stock about the time before the Everstorm, but give me a holler if ya find anything, won't ya? I'd love to take a gander.
  • Ya can never have too many books! Well, okay, Kith can get bored of the same books, but that's different.
  • Not much biting today in this fountain of yers, but any day yer here is a good one in my book. How are ya?


  • HA! I told Bonnie a thousand times, a fair wind brings good friends from far away. And here ya are!
  • Trust me, buddy. Anything I learn about the Everstorm or other worlds, I'll be tellin' ya right away. I know ya won't steer us wrong, (username)!
  • (Username), yer back! Want to join me? I picked up some light reading. ...What?
  • (Username)! Just the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and academically-minded student I was hopin' to see. Ya'll never guess what I found down in the hold!
  • It's (username)! Me favorite catch of the day!