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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Marisol is a Botanist of the Cosmic Solarium. She works in the Botany Terrace.

Site Description

As a botanist who oversees food production at the Botany Terrace, Marisol del Bosque has one of the most prestigious jobs on the Solarium, but she sometimes struggles to balance her obligations with her chronic depression. As the unofficial “queen of the hive,” she takes the time to know all of the pollenbots as individuals, and has Allied with two Insectors who help her manage the gardens: Florachnid and QTpod. She has an unconventional but loving relationship with Beebot.



Shop Dialogue


  • ...Florachnid and QTpod have been nothing but helpful ever since I allied with them. They wouldn't have ever been a part of the alien attack on the ship, I'm sure of it... but I still have to keep their aid a secret in my reports, for now.
  • ...Have you seen Beebot? Ay, there she is. We should modulate the fertilizer in Sector K7.
  • ...Hello. Look around if you want. Please don’t disrupt any of the planting experiments or the droids on assignment.
  • ...Sorry. I know I’m not as efficient as the other Botanists. Sorry.
  • ...There’s so much to oversee today. Ay, well...
  • ......I like your Kith.


  • Insectors are so helpful in the gardens. ...Ay, well. Too bad I can’t convince the other Botanists.
  • ...Beebot always seems to know how to make me smile, even on the darkest days.
  • ...It’s hard to get work done when everything feels pointless. You just have to keep the routine going, I guess. Therapy helps.
  • ...I wish more people could see how well you work with Kith. It might change their opinions…
  • ...Some days, I feel like I’m just a cloud blocking the sun. Sigh...


  • My Insectors love your Kith, (USERNAME). It’s sweet to see them take a break so they can play...
  • Our experimental seedlings in Sector K7 have been flourishing! How radiant. I can’t wait to tell Beebot!
  • Xenia came by the gardens today... You just missed her, (USERNAME). I’m lucky to have such good friends to talk to.
  • ...I know that being a Botanist is incredibly prestigious, and that objectively, I’m doing a good job... but sometimes I still think of myself as an utter failure. It’s something I’m working on with my therapist...
  • ...I worry that Beebot is working too hard. I’ll surprise her with something nice tonight.


  • Beebot is so patient and sweet. She always believes in my sunshine, even when it’s hidden behind my clouds. That’s one of the many reasons that I love her.
  • Did you see the beautiful flower that Beebot brought me? She’s my sweet honeybee, heh <3
  • It’s important to make sure that you have communities to support you, instead of just relying on one person. Sometimes Beebot is busy or exhausted and can’t be there for me, and that’s okay. I want her to take care of herself... and I like to take care of her, too.
  • ...I believe that every single being is worth getting to know. Kith, droids, humans... everyone! They’re all individuals, whether they’re pollenbots in a hive or faces in a crowd.
  • ...The light from my parasol is calibrated to boost my serotonin levels. It’s helped my depression a lot, but sometimes I still have bad days... and... and that's okay.


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