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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Marisol is a Botanist of the Cosmic Solarium. She works in the Botany Terrace.

Site Description




Shop Dialogue


  • ...Florachnid and QTpod have been nothing but helpful ever since I allied with them. They wouldn't have ever been a part of the alien attack on the ship, I'm sure of it... but I still have to keep their aid a secret in my reports, for now.
  • ...Have you seen Beebot? Ay, there she is. We should modulate the fertilizer in Sector K7.
  • ...Hello. Look around if you want. Please don’t disrupt any of the planting experiments or the droids on assignment.
  • ...Sorry. I know I’m not as efficient as the other Botanists. Sorry.
  • ...There’s so much to oversee today. Ay, well...
  • ......I like your Kith.


  • Insectors are so helpful in the gardens. ...Ay, well. Too bad I can’t convince the other Botanists.
  • ...Beebot always seems to know how to make me smile, even on the darkest days.
  • ...It’s hard to get work done when everything feels pointless. You just have to keep the routine going, I guess. Therapy helps.
  • ...I wish more people could see how well you work with Kith. It might change their opinions…
  • ...Some days, I feel like I’m just a cloud blocking the sun. Sigh...


  • My Insectors love your Kith, (USERNAME). It’s sweet to see them take a break so they can play...
  • Our experimental seedlings in Sector K7 have been flourishing! How radiant. I can’t wait to tell Beebot!
  • Xenia came by the gardens today... You just missed her, (USERNAME). I’m lucky to have such good friends to talk to.
  • ...I know that being a Botanist is incredibly prestigious, and that objectively, I’m doing a good job... but sometimes I still think of myself as an utter failure. It’s something I’m working on with my therapist...
  • ...I worry that Beebot is working too hard. I’ll surprise her with something nice tonight.



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