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Othidar Neutral.png

Othidar is an Elf and a resident of the Enchanted Forest. He runs Elven Cuisine, where he sells Enchanted Kitchen cooking supplies.



Story Involvement



  • Hrmph.
  • If you see any of the Kith around, say hello. Oft times the lonely ones wind up here with me.
  • Watch a master at work, little one. There's a lot I could teach you, provided you're willing to learn.
  • (username), is it? Hrm. I see. Well, welcome to the Forest.
  • Alright then, tadpole. You may stay, so long as you vow to behave yourself.


  • It's good to see you again. Have you come to talk shop, or just to gather some more supplies?
  • Hello again, (username). Working on anything good? I've been looking over some of the recipes from your friend Jay. I have to know, do many of the birds in your school cook? If I could get Dizzy to sit still for five minutes...
  • You're a better hand around a kitchen than I'd surmised, (username). Have a moment? I'd love to show you a couple tricks. I've learned a great deal, doing this job for a few decades.
  • Don't let the princess scare you, tadpole. She means well, even if she doesn't always seem the friendliest sort.
  • You've been helping me quite a bit, (username). I do appreciate it. Even if I don't always say so.


  • (username)! Let me show you what I've been cooking up. Come over here then, it's a bit involved.
  • Close that door, would you? I've been putting together something special for the folks around town. But it's a secret, so shh.
  • Get down from there-! Ah, hello, (username). Learn from my error: don't feed table scraps to Kith. When they're small they only get underfoot, which is a problem, but manageable. But then they get BIGGER.
  • Mind yourself around Dizzy. She's a terrible influence on impressionable youth such as yourself.
  • Your Kith looks as bright and troublesome as you. Heh! Go on then, it's all in fun.


  • Lots of work to do right now, but you should come by later and have some soup with me. I like hearing your stories about the University.
  • It warms this old man's heart to see you in here so often, (username). Thank you.
  • Greetings! What are you up to, you little rascal? Not getting into too much trouble, I hope.
  • Are these... feathers? Grah! Blast that little troublemaker! All these Kith in my kitchen and none of them stop her, the scamps!
  • It's good to see newcomers like you looking so fondly after our people. Alban and I won't be around forever... I worry about the young ones.