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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Quintina is the Armorer of the Golden Colosseum. She works in the Armory Tent.

Site Description

If you stop by the Armory Tent, you're sure to meet Quintina, the quiet, conscientious young Centaur who dutifully took over the clothing shop when the former Armorer died in battle. She seems aloof, but what secrets are really hiding behind that perfectly tailored pair of shades?



Shop Dialogue


  • Quintina... Hm, I don't know much about her! Maybe if you do enough Quests to part the mists, you might get to know her better?


  • All our wares are handcrafted, either by me or by the former Armorer.
  • Welcome.
  • I still live in the Temple of Memory. I don't mind the walk to the shop.
  • Will that be all for you?
  • You saw one of my family members in the marketplace? Oh.


  • May the Gods forgive us for our failures.
  • I still can't do it…
  • We don't have any new enchanted weapons in stock right now. I apologize.
  • Sophos looks out for me and Kosmas. It's what his former Ally would have wanted.
  • We're closing early today. Please finish your shopping soon.


  • Sophos, Kosmas, and I have been trying to make the Temple of Memory feel like a home again.
  • I've tried, and I've tried, but I just can't stomach the battlefield. I must support where I can from the sidelines for now.
  • Menodora and Timaios… The former Winter Mystic and the former Armorer… They were more parents to me than my own parents ever were.
  • Will you watch out for Kosmas on the battlefield? He's... like the little brother I never had.
  • You're still safe and sound? Thank all the Gods for that blessing.
  • Sophos asked to Ally with me, once. But... I don't deserve a Kith yet.
  • Menodora left me her amulet, but… I've never been able to make it work. Maybe I should give it to someone who is worthy to serve the Gods...
  • Welcome! Seeing you is a blessing.
  • (Username)? I'm honored by your visit. Won't you come in?
  • I’ve been making offerings to the Gods to pray for your safety, (Username).


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