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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

RiGBy is a transmission bot of the Cosmic Solarium. They run Core Transmissions. RiGBy is comprised of three AI chips, Red, Blue and Green, who act as separate people within their shared body. RiGBy's transmissions through the Tattered Weave were what led to the eventual discovery of the Cosmic Solarium.

Site Description

RiGBy was once a plural transmissionbot composed of three AI Chips named Red, Green, and Blue, but they were badly broken when the Ultranova struck. Now only Red is active, and is determined to rebuild Blue and Green’s damaged AI chips so that they can repair their system. Though they’ve made a small amount of progress in the Core Transmissions with help from Elliot and Xenia, they’re hopeful that the students of Hope will have the missing materials that they need.


RiGBy's three AI are distinct entities, and each have their own personality and pronouns. They each type in their respective colours and prefix their messages to indicate which AI is talking.

Red uses he/they pronouns and prefixes his messages with 'R:/'. He is excitable and friendly, but also somewhat naive, as his security protocols were transferred to Blue. He has a tendency to manually override protocols in order to carry out tasks he thinks are important, causing conflict with other AI in his system.

Blue uses he/they pronouns and prefixes his messages with 'B:/'. He is security-minded and suspicious of strangers, due to having gained all of the security protocols. He is often frustrated by Red's more trusting nature, but is also very protective over Red, wanting to prevent others from manipulating him.

Green uses she/they pronouns and prefixes her messages with 'G:/'. She is more level-headed and calm than the other two AI in the system, and tends to make judgements based on data and internal memory logs, but can become concerned if the logs do not match expectations.


Shop Dialogue


  • R:/ BEEP!
  • R:/ CAUTION! Viruses detected. Security protocols functioning at 2.05%. Manual override required. Scanning for potential bugs...
  • R:/ Hello world!
  • R:/ ERROR! Unauthorized access. Please enter passworkkzzZT
  • R:/ Success! Data transmission received. Thank the stars!


  • R:/ Administrator (USERNAME)! You found Blue! YAY! I missed him!! ...Aw. It looks like Blue got stuck with all the security protocols that I dropped when we split...
  • B:/ WARNING! User error. See? I knew you were a hacker! Get out of our parts! We don't need you interfering!
  • B:/ Where is your security certificate? Who authorized your access, huh?! *Required
  • B:/ You really think I'M so low functioning that I'd trust you just because Red does? Hah! You'll need better programming than that to get past me!


  • R:/ You're doing a great job, Administrator (USERNAME)! At this rate, we'll all sync up again in no time! I can't wait!!
  • B:/ Virus protection... enabled? Huh. Well, I suppose you managed to do something right, for once.
  • G:/ ALERT! AL- oh! Pardon me. Please excuse us. Processing...
  • G:/ Our backlog of updates will take a significant amount of time to download... Until then, what is your query?
  • G:/ Error: file not found. Hm. (USERNAME), I see here that Red has granted your administrative permissions. Shall I transmit my protocols to you for review?


  • R:/ Download complete! Yay!! It's such a relief to be able to update with Green again.
  • B:/ Sigh... Yes, yes, fine. You have proven to be useful in necessary hardware acquisition. I shall update my security protocols to permit administrative access without sounding the alarm anymore.
  • G:/ We are ever so grateful for your assistance, Administrator (USERNAME). Please disregard any previous statements from Blue regarding your skill.
  • G:/ According to my calculations, your position as Administrator (USERNAME) for our hardware means that, logically, you are pre-approved for a position among the Core's technicians, including Bridge Crew. Shall I transmit this information to the Commander?
  • G:/ Why, just look at that grid system! So many new efficiencies have been enabled since last we had access to the Core database!


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