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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by Robin.

Neutral only

Friendly only

Helpful only

Devoted only


The Best De-Fence

"Kith keep tearing up Robin's plants, so she wants to build a fence to stop them from getting into her garden. If you bring some repair items to help, she'll give you some spare produce or recipes that the Kith didn't ruin."
The Best De-Fence
Introduction: The best defense... is a fence!
Requirements: Ooooh, if those kith tear up my plants one more time...! I need to fix up my fences. You don’t have any handy skills, do you?
If completed: Thank you, thank you! Time to get to work! Here, take this and follow me, won’t you?
If declined: Fine! I’ll do it myself!

A Bright Idea

"Nicholas has been having a rough week, and Robin wants to cheer him up with some flowers. You should add some roses of your own, too! Robin will offer you some produce from her garden if you do."
A Bright Idea
Introduction: Let’s brighten up a gloomy day!
Requirements: Guess what I’ve been hearing through the grapevine? Well… actually this time it’s not fun news. It sounds like Nic’s having a really rough week! But you know what I bet would brighten his day? Some fresh flowers! Whaddya say?
If completed: Ah! These are beautiful, if I do say so myself! No one could look at these flowers and stay in a bad mood, and that’s a fact! Don’t worry, (username), I brought a healthy snack as a backup pick-me-up. A pick-me-backup? Teehee.
If declined: What! Why not? Hmph! What a gloomy cloud you are.

Cabbage Conundrum

"Robin's prized cabbage, Cabbadonia, has gone missing! She's offering Shards to anyone who will help look for the missing cabbage, with a bonus if you manage to find the right one."
Cabbage Conundrum
Introduction: My cabbage!
Requirements: (Username), I have terrible news! My prized cabbage, Cabbadonia, has gone missing! I've been growing her for so long! What kind of person just rummages through someone else's cabbage patch?! I had such plans for her - what if she's being eaten right now?! I wanted to eat her! Oh this is just the worst; I cannot even water my garden with all these tears...
If completed: If won: C-Cabbadonia? B-but how? Where?! Oh (username), THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough! Quickly, Cabbadonia, we must get you to water! There's still time to save you!

If lost: Oh? What's this? No, it is not my sweet Cabbadonia, but it is a beautiful cabbage. Thank you, (username), for thinking of us. I'm sure this cabbage will give me all the energy I need to find my Cabbadonia and save her from that vile cabbage thief!

If declined: Leave me, my friend, I must mourn my lost cabbage!

Cooking Up A Plan

"Robin wants to get Kei a new cooking tool as a present. If you're willing to help, she'll give you some clothing in return - you should look nice when you give Kei his gift, after all!"
Cooking Up A Plan
Introduction: Want to help me give a gift to someone who’s almost as sweet as you?
Requirements: Want to help me give a gift to someone who’s almost as sweet as you? Hee hee, I thought you would! I want to get Kei some new cooking tools! Did you know he cooks? I hear he learned when he was younger and looking after all those siblings of his, and now he’s an absolute whiz with a whisk!
If completed: Thank you! These will make a perfect gift, I just know it. Hmm, should we get him a card too? Don’t forget to wear something nice!
If declined: No? Ouch, (username), that’s cold.

Do You Know the Muffin?

Do You Know the Muffin?
Introduction: Sometimes you gotta ask the hard questions...
Requirements: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach... I know that’s true for MY heart, at least! Mmm... No, focus, Robin. (Username), I need your help baking up a bribe for Kei. He’s a good friend of mine, always free with the latest hot gossip, but even Kei has his limits: and that limit is named Andre. But I need to know what is going on between Andre and Fray, and I tried asking directly... Since that didn’t work, I have to ask around indirectly instead!
If completed: Mmmm, that smells delicious! Ha! This will definitely work, just wait and see! Man, you look hungry. I’m saving this for Kei, but would you like something nice and fresh from my garden to tide you over?
If declined: Aww... now I’m starved for food AND gossip.

Dress To Impress

Dress To Impress
Introduction: I have to wear something worthy of my beauty, you know?
Requirements: Ah! (Username)! You have a good eye for fashion, don’t you? I’m having a big party tonight - won’t you help me pick out the perfect dress?
If completed: I love it! You really do have the best suggestions. What a treasure you are!
If declined: Oh no! Now what am I supposed to wear?! Where's Andre when I need him!

The Ends Justify The Beans

"Robin is worried about Piper - she's always cooped up in the Arcade. You should go play a game to see how Piper is doing. If you spill the beans, Robin will give you some of her own coffee beans too."
The Ends Justify The Beans
Introduction: What can you tell me about the Arcade? Spill the beans!
Requirements: I worry about Piper cooped up in that Arcade in the dark all the time... Won’t you go and keep her company? I hear her games are very good!
If completed: You saw Piper? Great! How is she? Is she doing okay? Spill the beans, my friend! Oh, that reminds me...
If declined: Hmm, why won’t you go to the Arcade? Did something happen? Is it juicy? Tell me!

Full Of Secrets

"Robin is hungry, and is in need of something to eat. She's willing to pay for some home cooked food with plenty of Shards!"
Full Of Secrets
Introduction: Empty Of Food
Requirements: Being the town newshound isn’t easy, you know! Between the weeding and the talking, I’m starved. Got any food to share with this wilting garden flower?
If completed: Mmm! Smells delicious!
If declined: Aww, don’t you want to eat together? It’s no fun to eat alone.

Junk That Junk

"Piper always seems to be eating unhealthy food, and Robin thinks she should try something a bit healthier. She'll swap out a snack or soda you might have for some fresh, healthy produce or garden recipe."
Junk That Junk
Introduction: Fresh food is better for you, body and soul!
Requirements: Okay, look, I like junk food and snacks and dessert as much as anyone else does... well, maybe not that much. Still! Have you seen Piper’s Arcade fare? She really ought to offer healthy alternatives. What do you think?
If completed: Exactly! I knew you’d understand, (username). Let’s go deliver this to her together, right now!
If declined: You’ve been lured into her trap, haven’t you?! Those sticky sweets and crunchy treats can’t beat my fresh fruits and veggies!

Party Time!

"It's time for a party, and Robin needs your help getting everything ready. If you bring her some party supplies, she'll pay you back for the cost with Shards."
Party Time!
Introduction: Help me decorate!
Requirements: (Username)! Sunspot! You know what we need? A party! That’s right, I’m throwing a party, and you should help me. Fetch me some party supplies, will you? Please?
If completed: Mwah! I could kiss you. This looks great! Here, let me pay you back for the cost. Is this enough?
If declined: What? Why not?! Well - well - well, then you’re not invited! Humph!


"Lycus is always cooped up in his lab, and Robin thinks he could use some fresh air. Maybe you could get a rose or some mint to freshen up his lab? Robin will give you some Shards in return for being so sweet."
Introduction: You know, I heard something weird about that Lycus...
Requirements: Eugh, that Lycus... so creepy. It’s like, why are your safety goggles always on? You don’t need them on all the time! Y’know? And he’s so pasty from being in that smelly lab all day. He could use some fresh air.
If completed: Oh, is this for Lycus? Aw, what a great idea! Aren’t you sweet as a berry. ...Wait, does this mean I have to go to that dingy old lab to give it to him? I don’t wanna!
If declined: Yawn… yeah, (username), you’re right, it’s not worth the bother. Let’s catch some sun ourselves instead!

Raspy As A Raspberry

"It's such a hot day... Robin could use a drink to get rid of her dry throat. If you get her something refreshing, she'll give you some delicious produce in return."
Raspy As A Raspberry
Introduction: La la la~ hm hmm hh- ah-ahem! It’s such a hot day that my throat’s gone dry.
Requirements: La la la~ hm hmm hh- ah-ahem! It’s such a hot day that my throat’s gone dry. (Username), would you be so kind as to fetch me something sweet and satisfying?
If completed: Mmm, that’s the stuff! Freshly-made, too! Why, (username), you’re as refreshing as a spring breeze. We should have a picnic!
If declined: Cough, cough… I.. need to take a break, then.

Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry
Introduction: I mean, not in so many words, you know, it’s more a, uh, a gesture of apology?
Requirements: Hmm… Hm.. oh! (Username), I’m sorry, I didn’t see you right away. I... hm. It turns out, well, I maaay have, ah, said something I maybe shouldn’t have about Miranda. See, when Andre was last - oops, I mean, nevermind. Anyway, I’m trying to make it up to her, but she’s... pretty mad. Any idea what I can do to make it up to her?
If completed: Wow, I would NOT have guessed… Everyone has their quirks! Thanks for your help, (username), she liked this WAY better than the book I gave her before.
If declined: Look, it’s not my fault...

Taste Test

"Robin wants to try cooking something new, and wants your suggestions. If you bring her a new recipe to try out, she'll give you another recipe so you can try something new as well."
Taste Test
Introduction: Mm, what have you been cooking lately?
Requirements: Hi again, Sunshine! You know, I’ve been wanting to try something a little new in the kitchen. Nothing’s brighter than new food to try! Any suggestions?
If completed: Perfect! Oooh this looks wonderful... I can’t wait to try it myself! Here, let me return the favor - have one of my recipes!
If declined: I guess I’ll stick to what I know... How boring.


"Robin recognises your Kith as the one who keeps tearing up her garden! You should probably give her some Shards to pay for the damage. Apologies are everything, you know, and a well-behaved Kith can have some spare produce from her garden."
Introduction: I recognize YOU!
Requirements: Hrm... I suppose your Kith can stay as long as it’s behaving... HANG ON. I recognize this one! It was in my garden the other day, you little sneak! You tore up half my (item)!
If completed: Hmph. Well, that would cover the damages, yes. Thank you. Just... keep with you from now on, okay? Ah, not the cute eyes... Sigh. Here, have some extras I grew to replace the originals.
If declined: Shoo! Shoo!

Flower Power

"Robin has been longing to see new flowers her whole life - and the Enchanted Forest has so many! You should get her some Enchanted Forest flowers to look at. She's willing to pay a lot of Shards if you'll bring her some."
Flower Power
Introduction: Please, you’ve got to help me!
Requirements: I'm a gardener, (username), don’t you understand? I’ve longed for more flowers my whole life! We lost so many seeds during the Cataclysm - so many beautiful plants I’ve only seen pictures of - and the Enchanted Forest has them! Please, please, won’t you find some for me? I’m sure they have plenty! No one will miss them!
If completed: I - I - hic - (username), oh, they’re so beautiful...
If declined: This is torture! Please, show some compassion!

Notes: Only available after the player has gained access to the Enchanted Forest.

Seeking Spring Shoots

"Robin wants to see some Spring Battle Tokens! In return, she'll offer you produce from her store!"
Seeking Spring Shoots
Introduction: I don't need to use any magic to grow my plants, teehee… Just lots of love and plenty of care!
Requirements: It was one thing to learn about all the Growth Magic in the Enchanted Forest, which grows all those beautiful flowers… But now I've heard through the grapevine that the Golden Colosseum uses Growth Magic to make their produce taste literally divine? Ooh, what's the secret? How does it work? Show me the power of this Goddess of Spring!
If completed: Hmm, I'm not sure... This doesn't seem to be doing a darn thing to my lettuces! I must have been misinformed... (Username), you won't believe how some people tend to exaggerate! Did you know that someone even told me that the Mystic of Spring uses gardening powers to wage war? That's too much to believe, even for me! I mean, in the thick of battle, isn't it a little too late to rely on healthy eating to save you? And what are you going to do - run around, hurling vegetables at fearsome monsters? Oh, I shudder to think of someone using my precious Cabbadonia that way!
If declined: tba

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