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A pal, a friend, and a true bro. Shady Character was a originally a "totally legit mod", quasi-npc who ran a back-alley tattertint trade service, along with the occasional forum game or contest. Every year during April Fools he has replaced the stock in Campus Supplies with cheaply printed fanfiction of the other npcs. He was run out of the tattertint business with the introduction to the Bank of Hope and its item exchange[1], and disappeared for awhile. Shady returned on Thursday the Thirteenth as a masked thespian known as the Slasher[2]. He terrorized the Scribe by rewriting all her books and lurking around in the lake he supposedly took refuge in. He soon after was given the job of running the Custom Item shop Backstage Broker, which made him an official NPC.


Little is known about Shady's true past, though it is suggested he has been around for a long time. During the Thursday the Thirteenth event it was revealed that Shady was known in Shadow Stage as the Slasher and had supposedly been around since Scribe was young. Juries out on whatever that means. He's certainly a very mysterious person.

Shady has a kith. His kith is the admin Club; certified gem-eating bun.



  • Y'know, despite what people may think, I got nothing but respect for Estella, even if she ruined my last business.
  • Hey kiddo, how you doing today?
  • The Headmaster's Office has the Custom Clothing Submission item you need to submit designs here.
  • I don't make the items here myself, so if you're looking for a request, check the Forums.
  • Hey, you got any spare Gems? Not for me, it's for my Kith. The little trash ball literally eats them.


Shady does not currently have any quests.