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Story Involvement


Shay has 10 Kith; ten Whimperial, one of each available colour. Their names are Michani, Erevnitis, Katalyma, Gefyra, Ydroplano, Aeolipile, Pterygio, Propela, Keraion, and Periskopein.



  • How positively odd. I didn't think there were any other humans, but I guess I was wrong... Are you related to the ones living in the Grotto?
  • Oh. Ehm. Hello. I'm Shay. Please - don't bother my Kith Allies. I've finally put them all in the proper sequence.
  • Maybe now that the Everstorm is gone, Tethys will talk about something other than that human she keeps yammering about… Hmp. I can dream.
  • Did you need something? I'm nearly finished with this. Then I could chat, I suppose.
  • I'm told your people are the ones who ended the Everstorm on the surface? Well, thank you. I'm sure the humans are relieved.


  • I don't know how anyone gets anything done without a list, honestly. How else can you be sure you've done everything in the right order?
  • Have a custom order for me? Ogenus has been keeping me busy with those theoretical models again, but I can probably squeeze you in somewhere.
  • Have you seen Dione lately? I don't know how she has the nerve for all that nonsense with that wood-legged human. Tch.
  • Not now, Periskopein. We have a guest, can't you see?
  • Ah, (username). A pleasure. I think my Kith missed you - Keraion and Erevnitis keep making FACES at me.


  • Oh, would you grab that for me - ah, yes, exactly that. Thank you!
  • Can I get you anything? I wouldn't want to be a poor host when you're in my home, after all...
  • Next time you're headed for the surface, mind if I come along?
  • Oh! Hello (username). One of my least annoying friends. It's good to see you.
  • Blast. So much to do, so little time for it. You've been a great help, though, (username), thank you.


  • It's so much calmer here, now that the Everstorm is gone. The difference really is incredible. And we have you and the other students to thank for it. Thank you.
  • Anything I can do for you, (username)? You're always welcome here, of course.
  • I didn't understand Tethys' fascination with the humans... Until I met you.
  • (username), just the human I wanted to see. Oh, no, not for something in particular. I just meant I wanted to see you.
  • Any friend of my Kith is a friend of mine, I suppose, and well. They ADORE you, so...