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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Shimmerjoy is a Dweller from the Snow Globe. She runs the Rickety Outpost.

Site Description

Shimmerjoy is a young, grumpy Dweller who volunteers at the Rickety Outpost. She’s fed up with life in the Snow Globe, dreaming of what it would be like to live in a Remnant far beyond the ice...




Shop Dialogue


  • They're kind of pretty, right? The crystals. Despite everything...
  • ...Watch what you say around here, okay?
  • No hugs.
  • Ugh, not again...
  • I can't believe I lost another mitten. Don't tell Firmheart.


  • Am I supposed to be doing something for you?
  • Don't laugh. But… Can I ask a few questions about what your Remnant is like? Just a few!
  • I tied up my tail so I wouldn't trip on it… Ugh, it’s always getting in the way!
  • I've been watching to see if any of you crystallize, but… Maybe it's true that you don't suffer the - I mean, you weren't graced with the blessing?
  • Ugh, WHY are hats SO uncomfor- Uh. I mean-


  • Driftglade keeps stopping by… Weird, right? I mean, you’d think he has other stuff to do? Wait, maybe that’s why.
  • Hearthsworn knitted me another scarf, to replace the ones I lost… Maybe he’d like some flowers in exchange?
  • Hey - (Username)? Hey! You really came back again!
  • LOOK how pretty all the crystal facets are, the way that they covered these blossoms! I started collecting them…
  • The Snow Globe seems - better with all of you around? Maybe it really ISN’T a complete… you know...


  • (Username)? You’re back! Here, look! Come see the new crystal trinkets I've collected!
  • Do you have more stories about what it’s like out there? I could tell you some in exchange! There’s SOME fun stuff in this Remnant!
  • Driftglade gives me a double thumbs up sometimes, instead of trying to hug me - maybe you could do that too! If you want!
  • If I can just figure how to ask the right way, maybe the Council will let me visit Hope University!!
  • I… I… I love that you break the rules! THERE! HAH! I SAID IT!!


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