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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by Shimmerjoy.


Fix What's Deemed Broken

"Help Shimmerjoy repair some items, and she'll return the favor by giving you Snow Globe clothes!"
Fix What's Deemed Broken
Introduction: Just because these objects are covered with crystals doesn't mean they're junk, okay?
Requirements: I'm supposed to be fixing some of this broken stuff, chiseling off the crystals and putting things back together. You know, doing my part for the community- oh, Benefactress bless it, it’s even more broken now! Rrrrrgreat.
If completed: Wait - you want to help me fix it? I... Are you serious, or... is there a catch? WAIT, I don’t have any hospitality to offer you! Uh - um - okay, here’s one of the clothes I brought as backup in my pack! That’s fair, right? No, please, you have to take it. And I’ll just - make sure I don’t lose anything else. There. We’re even.
If declined: At least out here I don’t have to deal with crowds.

Picky Preferences

"Shimmerjoy has the wrong ingredient for what she wants to eat... Do you have an ingredient you could trade with her?"
Picky Preferences
Introduction: I'm not trying to be fussy! Ugh!
Requirements: There's nothing wrong with always wanting to eat the same stuff - I know what I like! And I hate that- I mean, it’s anno- I mean! Why does everyone always have to read some kind of social cue into what I choose to eat? Sometimes I’m not trying to say anything! SOMETIMES A POTATO IS JUST A POTATO!!! … Okay, never mind, that was a bad example, the complicated subtext implied by different potato dishes is totally obvious, even to me… but you know what I mean!
If completed: Thankfully, Hearthsworn has my back… If I show up and I say I'm hungry for something specific, not only will he already have it already cooking for me like half the time, he believes me when I say that I'm not trying to say anything by it - that it’s just what I want to eat! Because it tastes good! Or smells good! Ooh, or has little crunchy bits- Oh, Benefactress bless it, now I’m starving. Time for an emergency visit.
If declined: Sometimes a brussel sprout is just a brussel sprout? No, that doesn't work either, brussel sprouts are serious business…

That Special Something

"If you can guess the right miscellany that Shimmerjoy is looking for, she'll reward you with different miscellany!"
That Special Something
Introduction: ARGH! I know I know this!
Requirements: (Username), I can't stand it - I need a - what is it - it's like - it's like - aargh! the word is on the tip of my tongue, I swear, I just can't -
If completed: No, that’s not it, it’s more like a - a - never mind! At least you tried, instead of just bombarding me with questions. And I know I’ll figure it out JUST as soon as I stop looking. It happens - uh, basically every time? Here, do you want to take the other stuff I found anyway?

YES! Aaa, yes, that's exactly it! I kept looking everywhere for this without finding it, and ending up with totally the wrong things… Today was just so exhausting, because people kept stopping by unannounced, and I kept having to make all this awfu- I mean, EXTRA small talk with them, and my brain was just - just - BLARGH! Yes, this is what I wanted… Here, do you want to take the other stuff I found instead?

If declined: Never mind, I know I’ll figure it out JUST as soon as I stop looking. It happens - uh, basically every time?

Unlucky Venture

"Share a book with Shimmerjoy, and she'll give you a toy in return."
Unlucky Venture
Introduction: Everyone knows that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all, but… sometimes… the things that sound the nicest hurt the worst…
Requirements: When the Lucky Venture came here, all - I don’t know, all exciting and invigorating, and… Look, they just, they had all those stories about new, different places full of neighbors who could do whatever they wanted, and act however they wanted… and say whatever they wanted… So! It really felt for the first time like I could imagine a life that I wanted. But - argh, they were just talking in circles! I should've known it was all too good to be true!
If completed: These stories… That DOES sound like some of what they were telling me about. And if they were telling the truth sometimes… Maybe there WAS more to the promises they were making - I mean, the promises that I thought they were making. Maybe… they weren’t just toying with me…?
If declined: Thinking about it makes me so - SO - Mmmph, nope, can’t get into it…



Frozen Flowers

"If you bring Shimmerjoy some flowers she'll give you her Shards."
Frozen Flowers
Introduction: Daydreaming about the shiny petals, the way they catch the light…
Requirements: Aren’t flowers just the prettiest? I've always really loved the way the crystals look when they cover inorganic stuff, but when Springtide grew those bouncy flowers all over the snow, I couldn't stop collecting them! They’re just so shiny and sparkly and different and… aaaa!! And now I can't stop thinking about how nice flowers look when they get all crystallized, and… Is that weird? Am I being weird? Sometimes when I’m talking too much, especially about the crystals, neighbors think it's weird… But you won't. Will you? Oh no…
If completed: YES! Look how shimmery they are, with the petals hardening into facets… that's incredible! And… Sometimes it feels like - okay, this is gonna sound weird for sure. But holding them when I mess up and say the wrong thing, seeing them crystallize alongside me… It makes me feel a little better? ANYWAY. Can I tell you my favorite thing ever? The crystals that grow naturally, they seem the same as the crystals that grow on us from the Benefactress, right? But they’re all distinct if you look closer! See? These are the kinds of crystals that form the longer spikes, versus this crystal on the stem - see how it’s slightly smoother than the other smooth one? I’ll put it with the collection of other crystalized objects that match those shapes… Wait, those aren’t crystals, those are shards! Ugh, I don’t care about THOSE!
If declined: Wait - I almost forgot - thanks for listening to me ramble!



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