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Snow Globe Map Preview.png
Amid the howling winds and freezing snow is a huge globe of ice within the Tatters. Snarls are clustered around a spreading crack in the wall - can you fight your way through to save the Snow Globe?

The Snow Globe is a Remnant of the world inhabited by the Dwellers.


NPC Shop Sells Shop Description
Shimmerjoy Quest.png Shimmerjoy Rickety Outpost Misc Look out, these miscellaneous storage containers don't look too new - or too organized...
Driftglade Quest.png Driftglade Sauna Caverns Patterns, Materials Passing through from freezing chill to steaming warm, or vice versa? Make sure to bundle up or pare down your clothes, whichever way you're going!
Hearthsworn Quest.png Hearthsworn Cottage Community Food, Kitchen Tools Come in, come in! Everyone's welcome! Have you had enough to eat? You shouldn't face the icy mountain air on an empty stomach!
Firmheart Quest.png Firmheart Council Records Books All our knowledge is carefully preserved at the mountain's peak. You may find the rule and regulations listed in the entryway.
Gloryglint Quest.png Gloryglint Crystal Graveyard Toys Never forget to mind your manners...Or else.


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