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Tailoring is a crafting feature in Tattered Weave. It allows players to create clothing and hairstyles.


According to Eric Menge via the official Tattered Weave Kickstarter, the tailoring crafting section would have been part of the game from the start if a Kickstarter goal of $25,000.00 was met. Although the goal was not met at the time of funding, it was implied that it would be added in a future update.

On 6/19/17, in the Experiment Progress Terminated update, a bolt of lightning from the Tattered Weave struck Andre's house, causing everything in his shop to unravel. From this point onwards, completed clothing was removed from Andre's stock and replaced with tailoring materials. A few days afterwards, patterns began stocking in Tailored Fashions, and in the weeks following also replaced the stock in the Salon, Throne Room, and Forest Fittings.


To tailor an item, a player must have the pattern for the type of clothing they want to craft, along with the appropriate materials, including dye for the color of clothing that they want. Clothes are generally available in fourteen colors, although combinations and variations do exist. The basic colors are black, gray, white, pink, red, brown, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, dark purple, and light purple. Variations in naming scheme are common--for example, gray may be referred to as Dusk or Time in item names.

Unlike cooking recipes, tailoring patterns are not learnable--they are consumed alongside the materials once an item is crafted. In order to craft another item of that type, a new pattern must be bought. All tailoring is done through the same tab and is not split by area as in the case of cooking's Remnant-based kitchens.

Like cooking, tailoring has levels, and all items can be crafted regardless of tailoring level as long as a player possesses the appropriate pattern and materials. However, while cooking level affects the recipes that can stock, tailoring level affects the materials that can stock -- all patterns will stock for a player regardless of their tailoring level, but certain materials will stock only if a player is of a high enough tailoring level. The level of a pattern and its corresponding item is determined by the highest level of the materials required.

To level up tailoring, a player simply needs to craft tailored items. Each tailored item gives the same amount of experience, so it is possible to power-level tailoring by crafting a lot of simple items, such as the Infinity Scarf (which only requires 1 Cotton Material and 1 Dye).


(These tables are works in progress.)

Tailored Fashions

Image Name Average Price Tailoring Level Rarity
Black Dye.png Dye (all colors) 100 Shard.png Level 1 Common
Nylon Material.png Nylon Material 300 Shard.png Level 3 Common
Denim Material.png Denim Material 400 Shard.png Level 3 Common
Yarn Material.png Yarn Material 600 Shard.png Level 4 Common
Earring Backing.png Earring Backing 100 Shard.png Level 7 Common
Nose Pads.png Nose Pads Level 8 Common
Crystal.png Crystal 100 Shard.png Level 8 Common
Shoelaces Material.png Shoelaces Material 100 Shard.png Level 6 Common
Carving Tools.png Carving Tools 600 Shard.png Level 1 Uncommon
Linen Material.png Linen Material 500 Shard.png Level 1 Common
Hemp Material.png Hemp Material 500 Shard.png Level 9 Common
Thread Material.png Thread Material Level 1 Common
Buttons Material.png Buttons Material 200 Shard.png Level 1 Common
Wig Base.png Wig Base 500 Shard.png Level 2 Common
Cotton Material.png Cotton Material 600 Shard.png Level 1 Common
Eyelets Material.png Eyelets Material Level 5 Common
Canvas Material.png Canvas Material 100 Shard.png Level 1 Common
Buckle Material.png Buckle Material Level 1 Common
Soles Material.png Soles Material 100 Shard.png Level 5 Common
Ribbon Material.png Ribbon Material 300 Shard.png Level 1 Uncommon
Flannel Material.png Flannel Material 300 Shard.png Level 4 Uncommon
Elastic Material.png Elastic Material 100 Shard.png Level 3 Uncommon
Scissors Material.png Scissors Material Level 1 Uncommon
Velcro Material.png Velcro Material 100 Shard.png Level 1 Uncommon
Gauze Material.png Gauze Material 1000 Shard.png Level 2 Uncommon
Fringe Material.png Fringe Material 400 Shard.png Level 2 Uncommon
Styling Gel.png Styling Gel 300 Shard.png Level 1 Uncommon
Lace Material.png Lace Material 600 Shard.png Level 4 Uncommon
Leather Material.png Leather Material 700 Shard.png Level 6 Uncommon
Zipper Material.png Zipper Material 100 Shard.png Level 1 Uncommon
Pocket Liner Material.png Pocket Liner Material Level 1 Uncommon
Glass.png Glass 500 Shard.png Level 7 Uncommon
Wool Material.png Wool Material 500 Shard.png Level 3 Uncommon
Polyester Material.png Polyester Material 900 Shard.png Level 9 Uncommon
Plastic.png Plastic 100 Shard.png Level 6 Uncommon
Makeup Brush.png Makeup Brush 800 Shard.png Level 4 Rare
Silk Material.png Silk Material 900 Shard.png Level 7 Rare
Metal.png Metal 400 Shard.png Level 10 Rare
Hair Pins.png Hair Pins 1000 Shard.png Level 5 Rare
Jewelry Tools.png Jewelry Tools 800 Shard.png Level 7 Rare
Satin Material.png Satin Material 700 Shard.png Level 5 Rare
Powder.png Powder 900 Shard.png Level 8 Rare
Smithing Tools.png Smithing Tools 1000 Shard.png Level 7 Rare
Enchanted Tools.png Enchanted Tools 1000 Shard.png Level 9 Rare
Lens Case.png Lens Case 900 Shard.png Level 1 Rare
Makeup Pencil.png Makeup Pencil 800 Shard.png Level 1 Rare
Wiring Tools.png Wiring Tools 900 Shard.png Level 10 Rare
Terrycloth.png Terrycloth 500 Shard.png Level 2 Uncommon
Pearl.png Pearl 700 Shard.png Level 10 Rare

Forest Fittings

Image Name Average Price Tailoring Level Rarity
Black Dye.png Dye (all colors) 100 Shard.png Level 1 Common
A Spell.png A Spell 300 Shard.png Level 1 Rare
Buckle Material.png Buckle Material Level 1 Common
Buttons Material.png Buttons Material 200 Shard.png Level 1 Common

Decked Out

Image Name Average Price Tailoring Level Rarity
Black Dye.png Dye (all colors) 100 Shard.png Level 1 Common

Casting Call

Image Name Average Price Tailoring Level Rarity
Black Dye.png Dye (all colors) 100 Shard.png Level 1 Common


Tailored Fashions


Throne Room

Forest Fittings

Decked Out