Terrace Hive

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Terrace Hive BG.jpg
Life for a pollenbot is bzz-bzz-busy! Still, there’s always time to offer fresh produce to anyone who stops by the hives <3 <3

The Terrace Hive is a store in the Cosmic Solarium run by Beebot. The store sells various Food items, including fresh produce as well as mixers. It also sells a few miscellaneous items.


Image Name Base Price Rarity
Air Leek.png Air Leek 700 Shard.png Uncommon
Airrot.png Airrot 400 Shard.png Common
Allemon.png Allemon 1500 Shard.png Rare
Ananas.png Ananas 700 Shard.png Uncommon
Berry Bunch.png Berry Bunch 600 Shard.png Uncommon
Comet Fruit.png Comet Fruit 1500 Shard.png Rare
Glutenless Grains.png Glutenless Grains 500 Shard.png Common
Kernels.png Kernels 400 Shard.png Common
Moonmelon.png Moonmelon 1500 Shard.png Rare
Noodle Stalk.png Noodle Stalk 800 Shard.png Uncommon
Perfect Orange.png Perfect Orange 800 Shard.png Uncommon
Squashed.png Squashed 800 Shard.png Uncommon
Strapple.png Strapple 500 Shard.png Common
Sweetato.png Sweetato 500 Shard.png Common
Plant Substitute.png Plant Substitute 1000 Shard.png Uncommon
Blue Galaxy Mixer.png Blue Galaxy Mixer 300 Shard.png Common
Green Galaxy Mixer.png Green Galaxy Mixer 300 Shard.png Common
Orange Galaxy Mixer.png Orange Galaxy Mixer 300 Shard.png Common
Purple Galaxy Mixer.png Purple Galaxy Mixer 300 Shard.png Common
Red Galaxy Mixer.png Red Galaxy Mixer 300 Shard.png Common
White Galaxy Mixer.png White Galaxy Mixer 300 Shard.png Common
Empty Monorarium.png Empty Monorarium 100 Shard.png Common
Empty Tetrarium.png Empty Tetrarium 100 Shard.png Common
Empty Squarium.png Empty Squarium 100 Shard.png Common
Empty Octarium.png Empty Octarium 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Empty Pentarium.png Empty Pentarium 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Empty Dodecarium.png Empty Dodecarium 200 Shard.png Uncommon
Empty Icosarium.png Empty Icosarium 300 Shard.png Rare

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