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Story Involvement

Tethys was introduced during the 2017 June Event under the name Echoes....[1] During the event, students decide to send musical messages to the Everstorm in hopes of communicating with whoever or whatever lied beneath.[2] The Echoes... eventually responded with a voice clip.[3] For a brief time, students were also able to send trades to Echoes... and would often receive items in return, mostly shells but occasionally items from the, at the time, unreleased Coral Reef. At the end of the June Event it was revealed the 'Echoes...' were actually Tethys. Students who participated in this interaction were granted the Musical achievement.



  • If you need help finding your way in the Depths, just let me know! I know everyone here, you know. For good or ill, where... SOME people are concerned. Particularly some people who do not have fins.
  • Oh! I didn't see you there. Don’t mind me! I was just crying because someone ripped my heart out and crushed it into sea foam. Nothing to worry about! See, all better now!
  • Welcome, dear! Can I help you find anything? I've got everything you might need for even the most fancy of dishes! If you need something to cook WITH though, you'll need to talk to... one of the humans in the Grotto.
  • GASP! More humans? I didn't know there were more of you! I thought the only ones around were the ones in the Grotto. Were YOU the ones singing through the Everstorm and throwing stuff into the water?
  • AH, hello! I'm Tethys. If you're looking for thingamabobs, this might not be the right place, but I can help you with yummy things to eat!


  • Ah, (username), you caught me in the middle of gathering up some shells - they get everywhere, you know, and I seem to recall that some people, especially ones without the usual two human legs, trip on them. I'm not doing it FOR her, I mean!! It's just the shells would get broken!
  • Do you spend much time in the Grotto with the pirates? I see them more than the others in the Depths do, but I admit I've been visiting less and less since... well. Anyway. Have you been by recently, by chance? How um... How are they doing?
  • So you have schools where you come from too? Do you all swim together like ours do? Why are you making that face, are they very different?
  • It's good to get back to my life, you know! It's been tough at times of course. To lose a love so vivid and pure is a wound beyond compare. But I suppose even the deepest wounds heal eventually… presuming they don't kill you.
  • If you haven't been to see Dione, you just HAVE to visit. She is an absolute life saver in these Depths. I'm so grateful to have her.


  • You won’t believe what just happened! Here I was, minding my own business, listening to the echoes underneath the Grotto, when I heard…
  • It's always good to see you again. Have you been doing all right? Eating enough? Here, I've got plenty to spare!
  • Honestly! I can't believe it. Some people - whom I will not name - are calling me vain! Hmph! As if shells and beads are what make someone pretty. It isn't, you know, it's how they care for other people. THAT'S what makes people beautiful, not what's on the outside. But no, of course not, no, I'M the vain one.
  • Hello again (username)! It's always good to see you come back in one piece.
  • Nothing lifts the spirits like the return of a good friend, and you are no exception, (username)!


  • Won't you tell me about the surface again? I love hearing you talk about all the places you've been... You make it sound positively magical!
  • Ah! If I'd known you would be by today I would have brought out a red algae carpet for you! Look at this place, I wasn't ready at all!
  • I'm glad you came, (username). It's not that I don't like everyone down here but... none of them really GET me like you do.
  • If only we could stay together forever, (username)… but the surface world requires legs, doesn’t it? Eugh. No thanks. I love my tail the way it is!
  • Hm hm hm... If I were a siren with a yearning song to sing, would there be a listening lover it could bring? Hm hm...