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Story Involvement

The Dollmaker first appeared in October Event: A Tragic Tale.

The Dollmaker runs the shop Captive Audience.



  • If any doll calls out to you, let me know. I try to keep the haunted ones all on the same shelf.
  • Death is inescapable; we shouldn't try to fight that fact, but embrace it. Enjoy the time you have and never forget that someday, we all die.
  • You'd make a lovely doll...
  • Tell me, when was the last time you cried?
  • Oh? Another lost soul has wandered in through my door. How can I help you, dear?


  • Ah, welcome back, (Username), have you been well?
  • If dolls are not quite to your taste I do offer many other toys as well. I understand that some people find my little dears a bit... creepy. Unfortunate, but not something I can change.
  • If you plan to walk the graveyard please be careful. Wolf still tends to throw things at Hero from the woods and I’m afraid she’s going to miss one of these days and hit something she regrets...
  • If you find any dolls in the graveyard, please leave them alone. Everyone says goodbye in their own way - some are more literal than others when it comes to letting go. Don't worry, I still tend to those left behind at the gravestones.
  • It pains me to think the evil Stagehands were actually Kith who were suffering as much as we were under the rule of the Narrator. Poor things...


  • As long as we honor and remember those we have lost, we will always have a part of them with us.
  • I was thinking of having a tea party later with some of my dear little dolls. Would you care to join us?
  • Love deeply, (Username). Love your friends, partners, neighbors, and even enemies. It is the greatest power we have, even in the darkest of times.
  • Sometimes I read through the old stories so I can grieve and remember those we have lost. It may be sad, but I would rather be sad than forget them.
  • A crack or scuff is hardly a good reason to cast off a beloved doll. Even the most broken of us deserved to be loved. Just look at Hero...


  • Ah, delightful! You've returned to us again. I'll have you know lots of my dear little dolls have missed you nearly as much as I have.
  • What do you think of my latest doll, (Username)? Who is it? Heh, well it isn't finished yet since they are still with us, but it is of someone very special to me. I hope I won't have to finish it for a very long time...
  • Even if we must part ways, I will count the moments until we are together again. Please don't keep me counting forever.
  • I will always cherish the time we have spent together. No matter how long or short that may be.





Little Darlings

"More Than Just a Toy..."
Here on the Stage we have many ways to remember our dead. Be it through the clothing they wore, the tombstones we grieve at, or the dolls we make in their remembrance. Of course not all dolls are specific namesakes, but each is still a cherished darling to be held dear. I’ve handmade each and every one and poured my heart and tears into them. Tell me, do you have such things where you are from?

If completed: Beautiful. I will cherish her always. Here, let me give you a darling of my own to take her place.

If declined: It’s all right, you don’t have to part with anything if you do not wish to. Letting go is something that can only be done in your own time.

Damsel's Story

"Finding Meaning in Tragedy"
I know Damsel’s story is a sad one… She was taken from us so young. But, death is an inevitability. Someday, everything has to end. Be it you, me, or even this Stage. What’s important is how we spend the time we have. What we live for, how we treat others. What we are willing to die for. That is how I have always thought about Damsel’s tale. Not the sadness that comes from her loss, but of the meaning that her life has to show us. We can choose to fall apart in our grief, or we can look beyond it.

If completed: Respect those that have fallen before us, remember their stories, but don’t let yourself get lost in the grief. There is so much we can live for, so many choices we can make. Don’t let the thought that something will end stop you from living today.

If declined: Hm... think on what I’ve said. I will still be here should you choose to come back.

Note: Gives 1 Guard