The Dollmaker (Hourly Quests)

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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by The Dollmaker.

Neutral only

Friendly only

Helpful only

Devoted only


Culinary Curiosity

"Dollmaker is curious about some of the salads from other Remnants, and is willing to pay good Shards if you can bring some for Eludance and him to try out. Eat your greens, Eludance!"
Culinary Curiosity
Introduction: Witch is a sweetheart, but so is most of her food...
Requirements: (Username), you seem to be well-versed in the cuisine from other Remnants. Eludance and I have been curious to try something new lately; could you find us a nice salad to try? I think I have a few dusty Shards lying around to make it worth your while.
If completed: Oh this looks wonderful! Eludance, come say thank you to our friend! What? Where are you going? Come back! Salad is good for you, darling!
If declined: No time? That is fine! I'm sure I can wrangle up some snips and beets to make us something more local.

Dance Attire

"Eludance has a performance soon, but Dollmaker needs a few more pieces to make his costume extra special. A bow or bowtie will be the perfect addition - don’t forget your ticket for the show, and have a toy from the shop as well!"
Dance Attire
Introduction: While my darling doesn’t need to get dressed up, it makes the whole show feel a touch more special when we put the extra effort in.
Requirements: Eludance will be putting on a performance for some of the dolls later and I was hoping to make a new little outfit for the occasion. However, I don't think I'll have time to finish all of it before showtime. Would you be so kind as to lend me a hand (Username)? I know Eludance would be ever so grateful.
If completed: Oh these are perfect! You simply have to come watch the performance later. Here, Eludance even made up little tickets.
If declined: Oh that is all right, Eludance's performance will be beautiful either way. Perhaps the outfit would take away focus from him anyway. Yes, I'll forego the attire this time, I think.

Little Darlings

"Do other Remnants have cherished dolls as well? Dollmaker would love a doll from Hope for himself, and will give you a darling doll of his own in return."
Little Darlings
Introduction: More than just a toy...
Requirements: Here on the Stage we have many ways to remember our dead. Be it through the clothing they wore, the tombstones we grieve at, or the dolls we make in their remembrance. Of course not all dolls are specific namesakes, but each is still a cherished darling to be held dear. I’ve handmade each and every one and poured my heart and tears into them. Tell me, do you have such things where you are from?
If completed: Beautiful. I will cherish her always. Here, let me give you a darling of my own to take her place.
If declined: It’s all right, you don’t have to part with anything if you do not wish to. Letting go is something that can only be done in your own time.

Patch Job

"Uh oh, Eludance is looking a bit worn. Dollmaker needs some repair items to help Eludance feel brand new again. Once he’s done, you can take any leftover materials that weren’t used."
Patch Job
Introduction: A stitch in time keeps the limbs in line.
Requirements: Now now, my darling, it's okay to cry but these few little nicks and notches won't stop us! I'll have you fixed up in no time and you'll be back on your feet, dancing away your worries. Oh, hello (Username). Actually... since you are here, could you do me a favor? I need to replace some of Eludance's more worn-down bits and pieces before they start to encumber him. Would you be so kind as to bring over some tools while I soothe him? (I think some of the haunted dolls were teasing him...)
If completed: Oh (Username), you are wonderful, thank you! Here, now hold Eludance's hand while I fix him up... See? That wasn't so bad now, was it? Okay, here's your kiss and you can go off and play again my darling. But watch your steps on those stairs! No more roughhousing with the marionettes!
If declined: TBA

The Eyes Have It

"It can be difficult for audience members to navigate the darkness of the Stage. Find Dollmaker some miscellaneous items so he can brew you a special Thespian eye potion to help you find your way in the darkness."
The Eyes Have It
Introduction: If eyes are windows to the soul, then tears must be a rainstorm pitter-pattering against the glass to the beat of your heart.
Requirements: (Username), are you all right? I've noticed that those of you from Offstage sometimes have difficulty navigating the Stage, due to the dark of night or the threat of wandering spirits. For Thespians, everything is clear as can be; we have a certain talent at spotting spirits before they get too restless. If you'd like, I think I could brew up something to help your eyes adjust. I'm no Witch, but the spiders have taught me a few tricks and treats. Many of the past Witches have been buried here, and their ghosts tend to chatter more than most...
If completed: It may not taste the best but I promise it will have you seeing our Stage in a whole new way! Best to drink it all in one go - you wouldn't want only one eye to take to the magic.
If declined: TBA

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