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Story Involvement

The Hero first appeared in October Event: Shadow Stage, where he was promptly killed off.

Later, The Hero reappeared alive in inOctober Event: The Hero Lives Again, and opened the shop Prop Cart.



  • I hope my Mask didn't scare you. It’s an important part of my armor. Last time I went without it I ended up with a broken nose and everything smelled like blood for forever.
  • The night is long and dark in these lands. You are welcome to rest by my fire, traveler. I'll keep you safe.
  • Hm? Oh don't worry, traveler, this is just a flesh wound. I'm not even dripping anymore.
  • Careful, traveler, these lands are cursed and dangerous. I don't recommend you go in any further alone and unarmed. A nasty Wolf prowls around not too far from here.
  • Hail and well met, traveler! You have the bearing of a brave warrior - have you come to join me in my fight against the tyrannical Narrator that plagues these lands?


  • A friendly warning traveler. If you come across a house made of candy don't try and eat any of it. The Witch that lives there doesn't take kindly to it. I'm still scraping frosting out of my armor...
  • Mind the weapons laying about, nothing is more embarrassing than tripping on a sword. Trust me.
  • Hail and- huh, that is odd. I just got the strongest sense of de ja vu for some reason... Have we met before? I feel like I know you somehow...
  • The Dollmaker keeps telling me the Narrator is gone but I know he is just trying to weave a web of lies around me! Be ever vigilant against the monsters of these lands, traveler, it's dangerous here. No matter how nice the monsters may seem.







Cracking the Curse

"I break tragedies not curses..."
I’ve been thinking more and more about this curse Iris told me about - the one on the captive Kith - and I might have an idea. The only problem is, I need some spell components to try to cast it but I can’t leave my post here to find them. Can you help me out, traveler?

If completed: Yes! This is exactly what I need! Maybe I do have a chance at being more than just a man of action! And to think I used to believe magic was something that took time and study to learn!

If declined: Hm, should I rethink my plan of attack...?

Kith Coterie

"A friend to rely on..."
Iris emphasized that having a Kith Ally is nothing like having a pet. They are people that think and feel just as I do, and I must treat them as equals. That part doesn’t seem so hard, but what do you do together when you’re not out fighting great evil? How does one spend time with a Kith partner?

If completed: Really? That looks like - like entertainment! It doesn’t seem hard at all! I can do that! Thank you, my friend! I am growing ever more eager to have an Ally of my own to ease the quiet loneliness of the long night. Here, it isn’t much, but you may find greater use for it than I have.

If declined: Oh, that is perfectly respectable, my friend! I understand we must be ever vigilant against the threat of the Narrator and his minions! Perchance will you have time to show me how you and your Kith care for one another later?

Kith Coterie (With Mawnite)

"A friend to rely on..."
Everything has been moving so fast! Ah, but now that I have Mawnite here with me I feel like I can finally catch my breath. Say, traveler, you and your Kith should join us! We were just going to settle in for some entertainment together.

If completed: Ah! Just look at that smile! Nothing warms my heart more than to see my Ally happy!

If declined: Oh, that is perfectly respectable, my friend! I understand we must be ever vigilant against the threat of the Narrator and his minions! Perchance will you have time to play with us later?

Note: Gives 1 Guard