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The following section may contain NPC spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The following is a collection of the Hourly Quests offered by The Hero.

Neutral only

Friendly only

Helpful only

Devoted only


Graveyard Shift

"Hero must take on the weighty task of helping tend the graveyard. If you want to assist, some miscellaneous items are always welcome, and score! You get to clean up some of the leftover offerings of ingredients on your way out."
Graveyard Shift
Introduction: We should never forget those who could not be saved.
Requirements: Ah Traveler, I have a weighty task ahead of me in which I could use your aid. I want to check that all is peaceful in the graveyard. I cannot leave such an important task to the deceptive Dollmaker - it is far too large a space for one Thespian alone to care for! Weeds must be pulled, mischievous spooks shooed away, and most importantly, old food offerings cleaned up...
If completed: So many have played their part here on the Stage... so many final bows... Even if the Narrator is truly gone, we can never get back the time we spent under his rule. Honoring those that came before us will inspire us to never allow such a fate to befall the Stage again! Our past is precious. Hm? Traveler, why are you looking at me so strangely? Of course I'm honoring the dead!
If declined: W-what? Why are you looking at me like that? This is a very important task!

Hidden in Plain Sight

"Are some of the Thespians keeping the Narrator’s continued presence secret from The Hero? Help Hero put together a disguise made of new, clothing to dig up the truth behind the matter! And get some Shards in the process as well!"
Hidden in Plain Sight
Introduction: A bit of meaningful deceit can serve a higher purpose!
Requirements: Traveler! I need your help! Despite the rumors that the Narrator is gone, I feel deep in my gut that he still skulks about! The others may be fooled, or perhaps far more maliciously, they are still protecting the villain... But no one will speak with me, the Hero, candidly about such a thing. Aha, but what if I was NOT the Hero?
If completed: Ha ha! A thousand praises, my friend! You truly are a light of justice among the mired darkness of the Narrator's ill intent! Come now Mawnite, we must disguise you as well for this plan to work!
If declined: Never fear, Traveler, even if I should mask myself under a villain's role I will ever be my true and honorable self!

Kith Coterie

"Take some time to feed, read or play with your Kith and Hero and Mawnite! It’s so nice to take care of your companion like this, isn’t it? Hero wants you to have some miscellaneous items for you to use with your Kith in the future."
Kith Coterie
Introduction: A friend to rely on...
Requirements: Everything has been moving so fast! Ah, but now that I have Mawnite here with me I feel like I can finally catch my breath. Say, traveler, you and your Kith should join us! We were just going to settle in for some entertainment together.
If completed: Ah! Just look at that smile! Nothing warms my heart more than to see my Ally happy!
If declined: Oh, that is perfectly respectable, my friend! I understand we must be ever vigilant against the threat of the Narrator and his minions! Perchance will you have time to play with us later?

Salty Bones

"Awww, Mawnite heard about the skeleton keys from the Reef and his tail is wagging! Bring him a tasty bone key to gnaw on and Hero will leave you with some Shards for providing the salty treasure."
Salty Bones
Introduction: I'm not sure why he wants this so badly...
Requirements: Yes, yes, Mawnite, I'm asking! Please, lower your voice! I know you're excited! Hail, Traveler! It has come to Mawnite's attention that you have traveled to the great sea beyond the stage. He has been rather insistently wondering if you have ever found this particular bone in your time there.
If completed: Mawnite, look! The Traveler has returned with your treasure! Here you go! Ha ha! Look at him crunch away! It truly must be some kind of sea-side delicacy! You have our thanks, Traveler!
If declined: TBA

Under Wraps

"Everyone seems concerned about Hero’s flesh wounds. Weird, right? Well, bandage him up anyway and receive some Shards for your help."
Under Wraps
Introduction: Why does everyone want me to dress like Mummy?
Requirements: I'm not sure why everyone keeps insisting that I dress my wounds; they're barely scratches! Look at this one - merely a flesh wound! Hardly something to worry over. But if it makes you feel better, fretful Traveler, I'll try some on.
If completed: There... so I just... wind it around here and.... and it's stuck in my armor. Hm. I might need to undress to wear this tightly, but that would make Mawnite so uncomfortable. Bindings are something I try to be very sensitive about for his sake.
If declined: Ah! See? You agree! I'm fine!

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