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The Witch is The Wolf's grandson. However, the role The Witch plays is feminine, so both he/him and she/her pronouns are used.

The Witch was first introduced on October 13 2017, in October Event: Witch Hunt.

Story Involvement



  • That's right, pick out something nice and tasty so we can get you fattened up!
  • BOO! Hee hee hee! Did I scare you? Oh, uh, not too much I hope...
  • Nibble nibble little mouse, do I hear someone nibbling on my house? Hey- wait, I DO hear nibbling! QUIT EATING MY HOUSE! I'M GETTING THE BROOM!
  • No free taste tests!
  • You lick it, you buy it! Don't make me get the Wolf in here!




  • Hey [User Name]! Did you stop in for a sweet treat or just to see my sweet face? Hey! Don't laugh, I wasn't making a joke!
  • What’s it like to see the sun rise? We don't have that here, but Scribe told me the sky turns all these weird bright colors! Doesn't that hurt your eyes? Do you think someday we could go see it together, [User Name]?
  • Hey, just in case I haven't said this lately... thank you for everything you've done for us. Grandma says I should always tell people when I'm grateful because I never know when I'll get another chance, so: thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • [User Name], look at my latest sugar creation! Oh, um, it bites, so mind your fingers. Oh, and toes. There were two of them but the other one ran off and I can't find it...





Sweetening Spell

"Sugar, spice, and trouble paid thrice..."
A sweetening spell isn't hard to cast but the problem is it takes a LOT of components to be effective! Wolf will catch me if she sees me using up all the stock she brings me for the rest of my magic chores. Can you sneak me some ingredients? I really wanna help, but I don't wanna get growled at...

If completed: Yay! This is just what I'll need for the spell! Here, you can have some of my pantry stock! I didn't wanna eat it anyway, so if you take it I won't get yelled at for not cleaning my plate! Win-win! Now I just need to hide this with the rest of the spell components so I don't eat it in the meanwhile...

If declined: Nnnmm, Wolf always knows when I've been bad! But I wanna make a new friend... Oh no, what do I do?

Note: Gives 1 Speed

Sweet Snacks

"Craving those Heebie Jeebies…"
Hey (Username)! Castwick was just asking for a snack and he wants something specifically from Hope. I think after that sweetening spell he’s got a taste for the treats from over there! Would you please bring us some? (Snack please!)

If completed: Yay! Look, Castwick! It's just what you wanted! Now we don't have to eat these plain old Confectionery Concessions. Come say thank you! (Thank you!)

If declined: Aw, sorry Castwick. Looks like you have to have bread crusts for your snack. (Aw, crusts.)