The Wolf

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Story Involvement



  • I smell... fear.
  • I don't want to hear any complaints about craftsmanship!
  • Hurry up and buy something. I have to go hunting soon.
  • Grrrrrr...


  • Trust me, my bite is much worse than my bark. Don't mess with Witch and we will get along just fine.
  • You can always use a new knife... or sword. Or bow. Or javelin, or harpoon, glaive, axe… actually any weapon is fine by me. They’re all great.
  • If you set off any of my traps, you’d better make sure to set them back up. I'm a busy wolf, you know.
  • You came back? Good, I'm glad to see some of you travelers aren't scaredy-cats.
  • Hey (username), betcha I can hit Hero's cart from here with my bow. Wanna put Shards on it?


  • Grrrr. Sorry, that was just my stomach growling. I can smell Witch cooking something up from here.
  • Might be rude to say, but you should know that either your Kith rolled in something nasty or you stepped in it. I could smell you walking up the path. You gotta watch your step in the graveyard.
  • Hm, I'm not one for wasting words but I have a few spare ones I can spend talking with you
  • I don't hate Hero, I just... oh, no, maybe hate is the right word for it.


  • You should tell people what they mean to you when you get the chance. Life is short and unpredictable. Cherish those you have while you can, (username) ... don’t repeat my mistakes.
  • If anyone ever hurts you, tell me. They won't do it again when I'm done with them.
  • Ah, there's a smell I like. Welcome back (username).
  • It's not that I dislike Kith, I just have a hard time trusting them after everything we've been put through. I'm sorry if I've ever been cruel to yours. You are a good person, I'm sure your Kith must be good people too...


Dialogue when The Wolf became angry at Hope University students and closed her shop, in October Event: The Hero's Battle.

  • GET OUT!
  • Grrrrrr!





Playing the Part

"All the world's a stage..."
Hrmp, we can’t just have you walking around without a role. You need to hurry up and pick a mask. Here, try this one, it might suit you.

If completed: Ugh, you don’t like it? Beggars can’t be choosers, you know. FINE! Take this from my scraps pile; it’s at least something to hide you.

If declined: Well you’re not getting past me without a role! I’ve buried enough bodies lately.


The Stagehands are starting to show up in force. You need to-

Narrator: "You know, I don’t recall asking for audience participation. But if you are so eager to join in on the show, why don’t you tell me where your precious Iris has run off to? Do let her know she is more than welcome to come visit me here in the castle."

Preparing for the Part

"All the world's a stage..."
Well if we’re going to do something as monumentally stupid as going against the Narrator, we have to be ready for the rest of the Stagehands under his control. I don’t have enough masks already made for everyone to hide under. Here. Make me one of these. I’m not crafter myself, I just guard the patterns.

If completed: Good. I’m sure someone will be grateful for this before we get to the castle. Here. It isn’t much, but the more you dress up, the better an effect it should have to guard you from the Stagehands...

If declined: Grrrr! I thought this was your pack's stupid idea!